Threads daily users down 80%

, Threads daily users down 80%


After more than a month since its launch, the number of daily users and the time spent accessing Threads continue to decline significantly.

According to Similarweb’s statistics, the daily user count of Threads – Meta’s new social network – once reached 49 million accounts. However, as of August 1st, Threads only retains slightly over 9.6 million daily users, marking an 80% reduction.

The engagement level on the platform has also dropped significantly compared to its initial period. During its peak phase, users spent an average of 14 minutes per day on Threads, but now it’s down to only 2.3 minutes. User interaction time on Threads in the United States is higher than the average, standing at 20 minutes and 3 minutes, respectively.

Previously, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, noted that Threads had tens of millions of users returning daily, a number he personally anticipated. Zuckerberg also shared that Threads is currently focusing on enhancing fundamental features before embarking on promotional activities and user community development.

Threads holds the record for the fastest growth in application history, amassing 100 million sign-ups in just 5 days. It remains one of the most downloaded apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Nonetheless, the app still lacks standout features like topic search and direct messaging that are prominent on Twitter.

Recently, Threads has enabled users to share posts to X. Specifically, when users press the “Share” button on a Threads post, the option list includes the feature “Post to X” or “Tweet” (currently existing as parallel options with varying labels for each user account), accompanied by the X logo. Upon selection, users are redirected to X and can add a caption before posting.

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Experts assess this move as a Meta trial to attract new users to Threads.


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