Thorny Coriander

, Thorny Coriander
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Other names: Mexican coriander, thorny coriander, saw-leaf herb, saw-tooth herb, recao.

Botanical name: Eryngium foetidum

Mùi tàu or ngò gai is among the most popular herbs in Vietnam, often seen along side with green onions in stew and stir-fried dishes. Native to Central America, this coriander is now grown in all over southeast asia, including Vietnam.
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Use: Mexican coriander is used as torn up or chopped up in Pho to increase the herbal fragrant side of the dish. With an earthy flavor, this herb evokes a thick taste than other common herbs in Vietnam.

Medicinal Use: Mùi tàu or ngò gai is important not only as a culinary herb but also as a medicinal ingredient. Bad breathe treatment: Wash a bunch of Mexican coriander, boil in two cups of water with a dash of salt until the water evaporates about half. Use the broth to rinse mouth several times a day for five to six days.

Other uses of Mexican coriander includes fever treatment, slow metabolism and flu.

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