Things Vietnamese people buy on e-commerce near Tet holiday

Vietnamese people take advantage of the last big sale of calendar year to shop for Tet.

Reports show that users often take advantage of the big sales of the year to shop for themselves and their families. According to statistics of e-commerce platforms in the 12/12 period, the demand for buying beauty products and home decoration increased at the end of the year.

On the Lazada platform, users tend to focus on taking care of their appearance and beauty during the year-end period. Beauty products have increased sales more than 8 times compared to normal days. Bestsellers include skincare, make-up and personal care.

Besides, users also focus on shopping for fashion products to refresh their style in year-end events. Polo shirts and floral skirts are fashion products that are loved by men and women, respectively, and have high orders. At the same time, when the weather turns cold at the end of the year, autumn and winter clothing and accessories are also bought a lot such as life jackets, sweaters and socks.

, Things Vietnamese people buy on e-commerce near Tet holiday

, Things Vietnamese people buy on e-commerce near Tet holiday

At the end of the year, users take advantage of the offer to buy personal items and decorate their homes. (Photo: Visa)

Users also tend to maintain cozy parties at home. This is reflected in the increased purchasing power of departmental products on this occasion compared to normal days, in which the best-selling products are beer and fresh food. Products to upgrade the kitchen, support home cooking are also bought by many users such as oil-free fryers, electromagnetic stoves and nut milk machines.

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This is also the time when people are interested in decorating and renewing their living space to welcome the new year, so home decoration and cleaning products also record strong purchasing power, and are expected to continue to increase in the near future.

Shopee’s report is similar, noting the products chosen by Vietnamese users a lot in the areas of beauty, home & life, and women’s fashion.

The above data reflects quite clearly the portrait of e-commerce shoppers who are mainly female. According to Nielsen, 60% of e-commerce shoppers in Vietnam are female, 55% are aged 25-29, and 55% are office workers.

Perhaps also because the majority of users are female, departmental items are bought a lot on online channels. Data released by Google, Temasek and Bain & Company shows that e-commerce has become a driving force in the growth of Vietnam’s digital economy. In which, the majority of consumers focus on food delivery services (60%) and online grocery shopping (54%).

Ms. Kaya Qin, General Director of Lazada Vietnam and Commercial Director of Lazada Group, said that sellers and brands can look at this trend to prepare goods for the upcoming Tet holiday.

Some interesting statistics from Lazada show that the total number of air fryers sold in 3 days 12-14/12 on this platform is enough to serve a Christmas Eve fried chicken party for all residents in Ben Nghe ward (District 1, HCMC).

The total height of all sold Christmas trees is 19 times higher than the tallest building in Southeast Asia.

The total amount of beer and beverage sold is enough to serve drinks to all fans at Lusail Stadium during the 2022 World Cup final.

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