Things to know about Vietnamese Women’s Day – October 20

, Things to know about Vietnamese Women’s Day – October 20

On October 20th, 1930, The Vietnam Women’s Union was officially formed as a collective against imperialism. Vietnamese women were a strong force during the war, as they were equally fierce in their bravery and sacrifice. But this collective endurance has continued into the present.

As well as worldwide recognized holiday celebrated International Women’s Day and also in Vietnam. International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8 and people in Vietnam celebrate this holiday twice per year.

In Vietnam, this festival has an official date of October 20, Vietnamese celebrate also on March 8, as in other countries. Vietnamese Women’s Day.

Vietnamese Women’s Day is not a public holiday. Businesses have normal opening hours.

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Everyone knows that Vietnamese women are powerful. During the battle, women played the same role as men; they fought, constructed, and sacrificed, and this has not changed. When most people think of women, they think of patience, perseverance, tenacity, and loyalty; nevertheless, modern Vietnamese women are also powerful, bright, brave, and highly brilliant. They are similar to tigers in that they are aggressive, independent, protective, and elegant in all they do. Women hold important responsibilities in Vietnamese culture, balancing job and home life with their life partner in the greatest way possible.

With this in mind, numerous activities will be held around the nation on October 20th to celebrate the contribution of Vietnamese women. Some activities are more noticeable to be fairly exceptional, and these activities are not confined to families alone, but also to their own workplaces and society. Awards and ceremonies were conducted by agencies and corporations to recognize remarkable women’s achievements and women in general. Women’s efforts and contributions to the country’s growth are lauded by society. The focus of the day is totally on ladies!

In addition, cultural activities are being conducted in public locations to encourage everyone to join hands and show appreciation for the ladies in their lives. There are creative performances by performers based on themes and subjects related to Vietnamese women. Women are treated with dignity, and certain department stores or supermarkets provide special discounts to women, much to the delight of the ladies. Even national stations are airing documentaries, news, and features about women in order to celebrate them.

On this day, the most frequent presents that a woman will receive are flowers and a lot of affection from her loved ones. Others families will gather around to have dinner with the best attention to women, and some will even go out all night to make their loved ladies feel the most special. The night is young, and the excitement is building; Vietnam’s Women’s Day is nothing more than a day to rejoice.

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