Things to know about kite flying festival in the beach of Phan Thiet city

, Things to know about kite flying festival in the beach of Phan Thiet city


By Benazir Ahmed Siddique

From 21 to 29 October 2023, largest kite flying festival will be held in the beach of Phan Thiet city in south central province of Binh Thuan with the expectation of a large number of local and foreign visitors.

Along with flying colourful kites in different shapes, visitors will get a chance to join beach games during the festival, which is the part of activities to respond to the Visit Vietnam Year 2023 themed “Binh Thuan-Green Convergence” hosted by the province. With 192km of coastline, Binh Thuan province is home to islands, islets, coves, bays, and white sand beaches with clear blue water, which form famous tourist attractions. The province has many tourism resources with many historical-cultural relics and traditional festivals. Currently, the province has nearly 900 accommodation establishments with over 17,000 rooms, including 45 hotels and resorts from three to five stars with nearly 5,000 rooms. The province has 13 travel agencies, including eight international travel agencies.

Coming to the coastal city of Phan Thiet, visitors can not only immerse themselves in the cool sea water, wander on the fine golden sand or enjoy delicious seafood dishes, but they can also discover the colourful, interesting and attractive kite flying festival. The festival brings together hundreds of colorful kites, with many unique and creative shapes and diverse sizes from many different origins. Among them, there are mainly marine animal kites such as octopuses, fish, squid, crabs, etc. Some eagle kites, phoenix kites, superhero kites, Vietnamese national flag kites, traditional Japanese hexagonal kites also appeared in the festival. There are kites that are larger than ten meters and there are also kites that are as small as an adult’s hand.

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On the windy beach local people, domestic and international tourists will eagerly gather to fly kites and watch the kites. During the trip to Phan Thiet, visitors will learn about kite art from artisans, admire wind-filled kites and fly their own kites into the vast blue sky. The deep blue sky is now adorned with shimmering colors and mixed with the jubilant atmosphere of these days. Visitors will surely enjoy the bustling scene and experience nostalgic feelings about childhood with mischievous friends flying kites in the vast fields. The bustling laughter mixed with the cheers will surely make the visitors excited and full of excitement, joyful and mentally refreshed. The moments with children flying kites on the beach will surely be happy, memorable and cherished memories for visitors.

In modern urban life with high-rise apartment buildings somehow obstructing the view of the sky, and entertainment games in commercial areas also make you forget about folk games such as Kite flying, chasing, dragons and snakes rising to the clouds. That’s why the kite flying festival in the coastal city during a trip to Phan Thiet has brought back the world of childhood to many people.

The kite festival is not only a jubilant and bustling playground, but also a meaningful activity for people and tourists from children to adults. The kite festival is like a cool breeze, blowing away the hot air and giving visitors a peaceful, serene space between the blue sea, golden sand and immense sky. During this event, tourists traveling to Phan Thiet can also enjoy lively performances and other unique activities such as kayaking, surfing, building sand castles, etc. These activities will surely make the tourists happy. Tourists fully enjoy the vibrant days of the coastal city during their trip to Phan Thiet. During the brilliant sunset, the sky takes on a red-dyed shirt and the last rays of sunlight sparkling through the kites will make the scene here even more poetic and romantic.


The kite festival will certainly be an interesting invitation for tourists on the Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan tour and promises to bring visitors unique experiences and wonderful emotions. Let’s make a trip plan to Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan with family, relatives and friends!

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