There are 9 international airlines licensed fly to Da Nang

, There are 9 international airlines licensed fly to Da Nang

From here to October 2022, 9 airlines have been licensed to reopen flights to Da Nang while two other airlines have also planned and are waiting for flight permits.

All of these flights connect Da Nang to destinations in Asia such as Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia or Cambodia. According to information from Da Nang International Terminal Investment and Operation Joint Stock Company, some airlines open flights with a frequency of 2-3 days/week and some airlines reopen flights daily.

T’way Air and Jin Air airlines from the beginning of May are licensed to reopen commercial flights between Da Nang and Incheon and Daegu (South Korea) with a frequency of 2 days/week. From June 2022, Korean Air opens daily flights from Incheon to Da Nang.

Meanwhile, Jeju Air plans to open daily flights from May 2 to October 30 from Incheon to Da Nang and is waiting for a flight permit. Jeju Air is one of two airlines waiting to be licensed to fly to Da Nang, next to Hong Kong Express Airways with daily flights from Hong Kong to Da Nang from May 8.

On the occasion of the recent Anniversary of King Hung, Da Nang’s tourism industry organized to welcome the return of Jetstar Asia Airlines after 2 years of suspension due to Covid-19.

Jetstar Asia airline reopens two flights every Tuesday and Sunday to Da Nang city to meet the increasing demand of tourists who want to come to this destination.

Mr. Bara Pasupathi, CEO of Jetstar Asia, said that as restrictions on international travel are increasingly relaxed, the airline sees that it is very important to facilitate international travel. Therefore, he expects a quick recovery in travel demand and confidence of customers.

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According to tourism businesses, flights from traditional markets in Asian countries are a good signal for Da Nang and the central region to gradually restore operations to serve international guests. However, in order for these flights to be carried out regularly and with many passengers, businesses need to loosen policies and more benefits from the city as well as the central government.

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