The Ultimate Relocation Guide to Vietnam : from A to Z

, The Ultimate Relocation Guide to Vietnam : from A to Z

Vietnam is a beautiful country with friendly people and beautiful landscapes where one can easily get attracted to. Some people may even consider moving there because of the leisurely way of living, lively cities busting with noise and friendly people if they want to live in a stress free and sturdy environment where they can explore new things every single day.

The country is also known for its amazing food and welcoming locals who share their happiness and help visitors to the country. A new visitor may immediately see the difference of the cultures and traditions such as drinking rice wine and taking naps after lunch time, or their traditional values of respect for the family and relatives.

Despite the fact that the country is still having some issues such as pollution, heavy traffic, sectors such as health and education are becoming more important to the country.

As it can be challenging for future expatriates to deal with updated information and find trustworthy partners to help them in their relocation journey, they can get assistance from expat and locals to succeed.

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, The Ultimate Relocation Guide to Vietnam : from A to Z

, The Ultimate Relocation Guide to Vietnam : from A to Z

From getting visas, to finding suitable houses, schooling for the expatriate families and getting consultancy about cultures are essential services that relocation companies in Vietnam are providing to make your relocation hassle free.

Getting visas and work permits

Although the country has developed strict policies of work permit and obtaining business visa, the majority of expats obtain a visa through their company so they can live and be allowed to stay more than the usual 3-month period.

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Relocating foreign experts to Vietnam post-covid

For companies wishing to relocate and send foreign experts to expand their businesses they have to handle the new regulations (immigration approvals, quarantine and mandatory health insurance). Once the expert comes to Vietnam, he may also be eligible for a “temporary resident card” as soon as he gets a work permit from a legal entity in Vietnam.

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During this time of worldwide pandemic crisis, the GDP of Vietnam is still growing positively with opportunities for foreign experts, or investors looking for new trends.

The Vietnamese government is welcoming foreign experts in certain fields for the purpose of reforming changes for the betterment of the nation.

Preventing scam and being blacklisted

Certain types of visa for long term stay in the country may not be easy to obtain : they require the help of a trustworthy lawyer to assist in the process and preparation. Over the last year, many foreigners faced blacklisting from immigration because of relying on cheap scam ‘visa agents’.

Relocation to Vietnam : immigration

Relocation to Vietnam : immigrationIf you plan to relocate to Vietnam, using services of a well established consulting relocation company can be necessary to prevent risks.

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International schools for foreign families

The country is still emerging with a lack of schools and education centers with international standards until recently. Over the last 5 years, the country was favoring international investment and prioritizing the educational sector as a main priority to improve the infrastructure.

Recent developments have also led to proper educational institutes as well as several international schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh that further ensure the families expatriates to the region to find international quality standards of education for their children.

Transport facilities in the country

The country has unique transport services while the motorbike being the most common vehicle found on the city streets.

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Air travel

The country has 7 airlines with functional flights within the country for different cities while air travel is much less expensive compared to elsewhere with a ticket of 100$ for travel from the most popular city Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi.

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Train travel

People can save money while traveling in Vietnam from one city to another using trains. Travelling by trains is a cheaper way of transport, allowing people to commute from one city to another while they can enjoy the beautiful view of the countryside.

The distance from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh takes around 30 to 35 hours with a berth cabin consisting of air conditioned room
shared among 4 passengers to cost at 80$.

Bus travel, taxi ride and country’s unique Xe Om

Bus travel could be cheaper with terminals for bus stations available in different cities to allow travelling at relatively lower costs. While taxis are available that can provide a metered ride to charge accordingly. Xe Om are local transportation that can be very cheap and are a unique way to travel around in the city while motorbikes are the most common vehicle found in the country.

Where to live in Vietnam?

Vietnam is slowly growing in respect to its industries and technology while the big cities have developed standards that can be compared to the international levels and are the site of attraction for living and residing for the international travellers. The country has to offer wide cultural and traditional heritage and may make one adjust and accustomed to the norms of the society over time. Some of the cities that internal migrants prefer to live are:

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Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

The city has a population of 9 million which is constantly growing because of international migrations to the city as it is the biggest metropolis of the country.

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, The Ultimate Relocation Guide to Vietnam : from A to Z

, The Ultimate Relocation Guide to Vietnam : from A to ZWhile the expenses in this city may be higher compared to others one can easily find a one bedroom apartment for an amount of 700$ or less and enjoy the bustling and lively city environment.


This is the capital city of Vietnam and is somewhat traditional as compared to Ho Chi Minh City. The city has skyscrapers and old French quarters as well as districts for the expats where one can enjoy markets, music and food along with pagodas and cultural sites which one can find unique and interesting. One may be able to find an apartment at a reasonable cost of 600$.

Danang / Hoi An

The city is more known to have beautiful beaches and unique cuisine. Danang is smaller than Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi but is famous for both of its nature and economy. One may be able to find an apartment to as low as 500-600$ and enjoy the sunny sandy places the city has to offer.

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Endnote about relocating to Vietnam

Vietnam has its good and bad but is slowly trying to grow to inculcate modernism and progress positively to attract more international migrations to the country. Foreign companies are also interested in jumping into this booming market and get exposed to all the opportunities in Vietnam.

If you want to learn more about relocation services, you can reach some of the main players with offices worldwide or directly – a fast growing company with great-value and tailored relocation packages for Saigon, Hanoi and Danang.

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