The Treasures of St. Petersburg Are Waiting for Tourists from Vietnam

, The Treasures of St. Petersburg Are Waiting for Tourists from Vietnam


St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, is full of treasures and unique landmarks that await tourists from Vietnam. St. Petersburg, namely Pulkovo Airport, is actively negotiating direct flights with Vietnam for the mutual growth of tourist flow and the development of business contacts.

This year St. Petersburg celebrates the 320th anniversary of its foundation. Peter the Great, built a new capital of the empire based on the best aspects of European culture. St. Petersburg is a museum-like city. The historical center of the city contains architectural monuments of three centuries from the Petrovsky Baroque to the Northern Art Nouveau. Tourists from all over the world come to St. Petersburg to see the fascinating architecture, romance and inspiration of drawbridges and white nights.

In St. Petersburg, one can not only enjoy the beautiful views, but also experience the historical center, where many of the objects are included in the UNESCO heritage list and have great value. There are more than 200 museums in St. Petersburg. The most prominent are the Russian Museum, the Kunstkamera and, of course, the State Hermitage museum, where about three million works of art and monuments of world culture are stored. The city on the Neva has always been one of the world’s main centers of cultural enlightenment.

Arriving in St. Petersburg, tourists can not only experience the cultural heritage of the city with a century-old history, but also begin to get acquainted with other tourist crown jewels of Russia. Such an opportunity is provided by tourism projects. For instance, the interregional tourism project “Silver Necklace of Russia” unites historical cities, provincial centers, natural objects, sights and monuments in 11 regions of the North-Western Federal District of Russia. These are more than 170 tourist routes that pass through the territory of 60 cities of the former Novgorod Principality. Tourists will see the beauty and uniqueness of the Polar Lights, the heritage of wooden architecture, imperial palaces and museum exhibits of the northern regions. The joint project of the tourism committees of Moscow and St. Petersburg “Two Cities – a Million Impressions” will allow to get into the flavor of the two capitals.

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Tourists from Vietnam can not only get acquainted with the Northern Capital and its fascinating sights, but also enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city, feeling like a native of St. Petersburg. The cultural heritage of the city, unique flavor and hospitality will meet the interest of every guest, which will allow to experience a lot of unforgettable emotions.

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