The recovery for tourism in Vietnam

, The recovery for tourism in Vietnam

It’s finally the end of 2021. As many describe, 2021 is certainly a year to forget. There have been lots of ups and downs for the country and for everyone else in Vietnam and the world. It’s a year that many have lost their beloved ones. Many others even lost their jobs and struggled financially which caused the difficulties while taking care of themself and the family.

As 2022 is right here with us, we all look forward to a brighter and promising potential: The world will thrive again and Vietnam specifically, will promptly recover after the storm.

The effort of the tourism industry in Vietnam

There are lots of industries that have been heavily impacted by COVID-19, and tourism is one of those. And people have been wanting to pick up their suitcase and go on a holiday trip like they used to 2 or 3 years ago. However, the situation doesn’t seem to allow that no more. As for domestic tourism, many popular tourist spots have been opened for individual traveling.

phu quoc island in Vietnam

phu quoc island in Vietnam

Destinations such as Dalat would mostly ask to check your Vaccine certification. But right now, the only COVID-check station in Dalat has been dismantled. Visitors can freely enter the city if traveling by bike or travel bus. For the case of Air travel, a PCR test must be taken before the embarkation. Around 200 cases are reported in Dalat, Lam Dong.

Tourist visas for international visitors

International tourism can still be a bit challenging at the moment as there has not been any new updates about tourist visas for international visitors. People have been waiting for an official answer about this particular matter.

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So far, Phu Quoc and a couple of other tourist projects have been opened for international visitors to come under the form of sandbox tourism. The only way for international tourists to come is to purchase the tourist package tour offered by Vietnam. The price could be a bit expensive with a great variety of offers. Moreover, different activities are limited since the country is trying their best to ensure the safety of both the tourists and the locals.

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Tourism in Phu Quoc island : what to expect ?

Even though it’s not that type of “Vietnam experience” that people always talked about, it’s one of the early efforts that the Vietnamese government is pulling out to step-by-step, recover the tourism industry and quickly bring back the original experience.

One great thing about Phu Quoc is that while the rest of the country is always counting cases every day, it’s not. When I first landed in Phu Quoc and caught a cab, I asked my taxi guy about the number in Phu Quoc. Surprisingly, his answer was “I don’t really know”. And when I began to enter the center of the island, the most surprising thing was that no one was having their mask on.

Life in Phu Quoc is completely different from what Saigon or any other big cities are doing at the moment. Most of the tourists experiencing trips to the island could already feel the constant effort of the government to keep Phu Quoc a safe place and remain it as one of the first tourist spots to recover the tourism industry.

If you’re curious how Phu Quoc looks at the moment, check the video below as I recorded my first vacation in early 2022 in Phu Quoc. It was such an amazing experience and I enjoyed every single second of it.

Let’s hope for a brighter 2022 so that we can again, enjoy the pure joy that Vietnam has to offer.

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