The organizer of the BLACKPINK concert in Vietnam apologizes for the “nine-dash line” map image

, The organizer of the BLACKPINK concert in Vietnam apologizes for the “nine-dash line” map image


The news that the popular girl group BLACKPINK will perform in Vietnam on July 29-30 excites fans. The Organizing Committee revealed ticket rates on July 4 and received varied reactions.

However, on the evening of July 4, the online community continued to be upset in regard to the information that IME (iME Entertainment Group Asia), the organizer of the Born Pink show in Hanoi, had support for the “nine-dash line.” Notably, this is a Chinese global corporation. Following the news, the website of the company iMe Entertainment reported that it was temporarily closed. However, the aforesaid information is still spreading widely. Many Vietnamese audiences were furious and said they would not attend the show.

IME Vietnam has formally apologized for the situation of the map image being shared in various media, which has caused a stir in public opinion. The IME Vietnam representative worked directly with the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports and related ministries, sending a formal explanation.

The company representative specifically said that the website with the map image is the joint website of the regional offices in Asia and is not the company’s official website in Vietnam. The company presently does not have an official website to register domain names in Vietnam and only operates under the name IME Vietnam on a variety of social networking platforms.

The IME CEO explained the image’s spreading, saying, “The map image on the website does not represent any country’s territory, and we are conscious of respecting the sovereignty and culture of all the countries IME represents. IME assessed the images immediately and committed to replacing any that were inappropriate for Vietnamese people. IME’s mission in Vietnam is to provide Vietnamese fans with the finest concerts and artists from across the world, therefore we hope to be welcomed and supported by the local government and the Vietnamese people. We would like to offer our heartfelt regret for this unfortunate misunderstanding once again.”

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Currently, the company is doing all possible and actively collaborating with relevant agencies to complete the program’s formal further procedures.

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