The most popular neighbourhoods in Hanoi

The most popular neighbourhoods in Hanoi

Formerly known as Thang Long, Vietnams present capital city was renamed to Hanoi in 1831. This enchanting, traditional city is bounteous with juxtapositions and tends to be either loved or hated by its many visitors. Old meets new in many areas, thanks to a spellbinding mixture of colonialist architecture and modern innovations. The pace of life seems to approach Mach 2 at times, but on the flip side, every street is lined with greenery and garnished with a medley of locals enjoying tea and Chinese Checkers.


Each Hanoi neighbourhood offers something different, but for excellent, first-hand knowledge, visit a local travel agency.

There is something in this city for everyone. Whether you are starting a business, are coming to retire, are about to raise a family or are embarking on a university course, Hanoi has you covered. Although motorbike is one of the fastest ways of commuting between the multitude of neighbourhoods, the infrastructure of public transportation systems is rapidly improving. Below are some of the most well-known areas of Hanoi to sink your teeth into.

Hoan Kiem

This could rightly be described as the historical and cultural soul of Hanoi. Distinguished by masses of French colonial architecture, Hoan Kiem district is home to Hanoi’s Old Quarter, a rich entourage of fun-lovers, enticing restaurants, attractions and more. Property here is amongst the most expensive in the city, due to its proximity to all the most important amenities. Hoan Kiem is undoubtedly one of the most action-packed areas of the city and is relatively safe too; ideal for families.

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Tay Ho

Predominantly regarded as the home of the, it isn’t hard to understand why. Stunning views of the lake bless many a breakfast table and an assortment of air-conditioned workspaces, and quiet coffee shops are never more than a five-minute drive away. This is the most expensive part of Hanoi, with some of the more stylish apartments running into thousands of pounds of rent per month. A very secure neighbourhood, perfect for entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Ba Dinh

Another neighbourhood famed for its vast selection of French architecture, Ba Dinh is also the proud home of many of Hanoi’s top attractions. The Military Museum, the Old Citadel and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum are some of the most noteworthy. Ba Dinh is much quieter and less popular than Hoan Kiem and Tay Ho, yet is perfectly positioned within close range of attractions and amenities. Ideal for retirees, most embassies are situated in this district too.

Dong Da

Comprising of mostly middle-class neighbourhoods, Dong Da is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. One of the original four Hanoian districts, and right next door to Ba Dinh, Dong Da is littered with street food vendors, who serve up a terrific selection of local and foreign dishes. The Hanoi Medical University and the Foreign Trade University are located here, as well as several others. However, finding budget accommodation in this district will be challenging.

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This article has only briefly discussed some of the most popular areas of Hanoi, and these are the ones situated closest to the centre of town. Before making your decision, be sure to think about connectivity as you may need to access certain places regularly, Safety is a crucial element if you are coming here with family and peace and quietness is likely to be a prerequisite for retirees. If you are coming here to study, remember that most of the universities are located in the Dong Da, Ba Dinh and Thanh Xuan districts. Happy hunting!

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