The Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes 2 more flights to bring Vietnamese expatriates from Ukraine back home

On March 17 and 19, two flights to evacuate nearly 500 Vietnamese citizens from Ukraine will land.

“Flight VN88 bringing about 240 people from Bucharest (Romania) back home is expected to land at Noi Bai airport on the morning of March 17,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ statement on March 16 said. Flight VN58 bringing about 240 people back from Warsaw (Poland) will land at Noi Bai airport on the morning of March 19.

How Ukraine returns to the UK 1How Ukraine returns to the UK 1

The statement also said that as of 12pm on March 16, Vietnamese representative agencies had welcomed more than 4,600 people evacuated from Ukraine to neighboring countries, of which nearly 1,200 people had returned home safely on four flights. held on 3 days 7, 9 and 13/3.

Most of the aspirants in Romania and Poland have been supported by representative missions to complete the necessary procedures to prepare to return home, according to the statement. Many of those eligible have also traveled to third countries on their own or returned home on international commercial flights.

The statement also said that the Vietnamese representative agency will continue to update the situation to ensure maximum safety for Vietnamese citizens and their families. Evacuation and citizen protection plans will be prepared and organized depending on the wishes of the people and the actual situation.


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