The largest undersea fiber optic cable in Vietnam will come into operation in 2023

The ADC undersea fiber optic cable route, with a bandwidth three times larger than that of APG (Asia Pacific Gateway), is expected to be operated from 2023.

Information about the international undersea cable route ADC (Asia Direct Cable) has just been announced on April 19. The cable route with the largest bandwidth capacity among Vietnam’s currently exploited cable routes will be landed in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, connecting from Singapore to Japan and passing through many Asian countries and territories.

ADC fiber optic cable has an underground cable length of 9,800 km, with a capacity of over 140 Tbps. Thus, the new fiber optic route will have a bandwidth 3 times larger than APG (54.8 Tbps bandwidth), the highest capacity route currently going through Vietnam.

Partners investing in the cable line include Singtel, China Telecom, SoftBank, China Unicom, NT, PLD and TATA Communications and Viettel.

According to a representative of Viettel, the ADC cable route will be commercially exploited from 2023, adding 18 Tbps to the total international connection capacity of this operator. There is currently no information on whether other carriers in Vietnam will operate this cable route or not.

Information about this cable route was announced by the Asian Direct Cable Association (ADC) in June 2020. At that time, the cable route is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

“The system will bring the highest cabling capacity and diversity needed to Asia’s key information hubs, helping carriers and service providers better plan networks and services for sustainable growth”, said Mr. Chang Weiguo, co-chair of ADC.

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A few days ago, the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) international undersea fiber optic cable continued to have problems on the S1.7 segment, about 910 km from Southeast Asia.

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A representative of an Internet service provider (ISP) in Vietnam said that the APG undersea fiber optic cable had a fiber break on segment S1.7, about 910 km from Southeast Asia. Currently, the cable route management unit has not informed the network operators about the repair and troubleshooting plan.

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