The keyword “Vietnam tourism” received a lot of attention

International tourists started looking for tours and tourist attractions in Vietnam after more than a month of opening to international tourists.

The pent-up tourism demand during the epidemic period along with Vietnam’s gradual economic recovery post-Covid-19 will be the driving force for the domestic tourism industry to grow in 2022. In addition to the marked domestic tourism demand With a breakthrough, the possibility of international visitors returning to Vietnam is also forecasted to “increase exponentially”.

Vietnam tourism search volume spikes worldwideVietnam tourism search volume spikes worldwide

Data from Google shows that the search volume for flights and accommodation has increased sharply by 25-50% since the day Vietnam opened to international tourism on March 15. This is the second highest growth rate in the world, after Qatar (more than 75%).

The number of searches for Vietnam tourism has increased dramatically in the world - Photo 1.The number of searches for Vietnam tourism has increased dramatically in the world - Photo 1.

Searches and flights and accommodation in Vietnam increased sharply in 1 month from March 15.Source: Destination Insights with Google

At the beginning of April, the number of searches on Google about Vietnam’s tourism, flights and accommodation facilities is increasing sharply. Keywords related to Vietnam’s tourism such as “Vietnam tourist”, “Vietnam tourism”, “Vietnam trip”, “Vietnam travel”… on Google Trend all increased at 100%, 350% or suddenly.

Many countries around the world are interested in Vietnam tourism, including some countries with high search volume such as Singapore, Philippines, Australia, India, USA, United Kingdom, Canada… In addition to learning about tourism in general. In Vietnam, the searches were even more specific to visa, insurance, and package travel issues with the keywords “tourist visa Vietnam 2022”, “travel insurance Vietnam trip”, “Vietnam tour package”…

Potential tourists also look more closely at “Saigon tourist Vietnam”, “Ho chi minh tourist”, “Trang An”, “Ha Long Vinpearl”, “Nha Trang”… Flights, fares, flight times The famous tourist destinations of Vietnam have also been searched a lot on Google recently.

Keywords related to Vietnam’s tourism have increased sharply since the beginning of April, the time to restart the activities of this industry. This promises to be a good signal, signaling a sharp increase in the number of international tourists flocking to Vietnam in the second half of this year. Experts and world opinion also highly appreciate the epidemic prevention and control results and make Vietnam a safe destination.

The number of searches for Vietnam's tourism increased dramatically in the world - Photo 3.The number of searches for Vietnam's tourism increased dramatically in the world - Photo 3.

Keywords related to Vietnam tourism have high search volume.Source: Google Trends

Vaccine is confirmed as a strategic weapon and also a success of Vietnam with the rate of 1st injection reaching 100%, the rate of 2nd injection reaching 99.8%, the rate of 3rd injection reaching 49%. Thanks to good control of the epidemic, Vietnam has accelerated socio-economic recovery and development, achieved positive results in all fields, and is assured to reopen schools and tourism in accordance with the situation.

To promote tourism, the Government and localities in Vietnam have been making efforts to organize safe cultural and entertainment activities with guidance on management, care and treatment of F0 people. Travel ensures friendly and safe tourism services, as well as review visa and tourism policies to recover and thrive in this field.

In particular, the Southeast Asian Games 2021 – SEA Games 31 taking place in Hanoi and neighboring provinces in mid-May is also considered a good opportunity for local and national tourism. Vietnam will welcome more than 7,000 athletes from 11 Southeast Asian countries to compete in 526 events in 40 sports.

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The 31st SEA Games taking place from May 12 to 23 is expected to help the tourism industry in Hanoi as well as other provinces and cities welcome more fans and tourists from the region and the world.

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