The Hype Around the Elfbar 2500 and Co – How Vaping Has Evolved from a Niche Trend to a Gigantic Industry

, The Hype Around the Elfbar 2500 and Co – How Vaping Has Evolved from a Niche Trend to a Gigantic Industry


The Elfbar 2500 Vape is basically the current darling of the vaping world. Although vaping itself only became “mainstream” in the latter half of the 2010s, the throne as the top vaping device on the market has changed hands quite a few times already. How did vaping go from a niche trend to a major industry? 

It was only as recently as 2003 that Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik filed a patent for his e-cigarette design. At the time, Hon Lik was looking for a way to mimic the traditional smoking experience while reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that were involved in that experience. Naturally, his original design was first targeted at smokers who were looking for a healthier alternative. 

In the 2000s and into the early 2010s, these devices remained an alternative for people who were already smokers but, in many cases, were trying to quit the habit. When more brands came into the market, though, executives realized these brands could sell custom vape pens to attract more customers. That customization phase allowed the product to develop a niche or cult following.  

The second big shift that definitely took vaping mainstream was Juul’s decision to switch to salt-based nicotine within its products. This made the vaping effect much lighter on the user. That ultimately had more and more people interested in trying vaping. Along with vaping becoming lighter on the user, brands also started offering more flavors, and the trend took off! 

The Rise of Elfbar to the Top of Vaping

Without question, Juul vape pens became some of the more popular products on the market throughout 2017 and 2018. Those were the two years that saw the industry skyrocket and become the giant we know today. The biggest issue for Juul was that it turned into the head of a growing industry that became a major target for activist groups. 

Juul found itself fighting a highly publicized court case in 2019, and legal trouble has not stopped since. This situation seems to have affected the brand’s ability to produce new products. That opened the door for brands like Elfbar to develop their products that are currently better tailored to what current consumers demand. 

The Shift Towards Disposable Vape Pens & Why the Elfbar 2500 Won the Battle

Many of the consumers that took up vaping in the mid-2010s were from an older demographic. The trend of having custom vape pens and different varieties of vape juices appealed to this demographic but, at the same time, made vaping an expensive hobby. Juul products became a status symbol sold at smoke shops that again appealed to this older consumer.

Having an expensive product that you have to meticulously care for and constantly buy add-ons to isn’t exactly something that a younger audience can access. Products like the Elfbar 2500 are the perfect solution to appeal to that market of young consumers. The 2500 number beside the brand name supposedly represents the average number of “puffs” that a vape pen contains. 

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These vape pens don’t have to be recharged like most of the high-end custom vape pens that other brands are still selling. The idea is that these vape pens come with just enough battery power so that the user can finish the e-liquid before the battery runs out. Brands like Elfbar also opted for a standard pen size that would be portable and comfortable to use. 

What this whole shift basically eliminated was the customization aspect that had brought some of the earliest consumers to vaping. This was done in favor of offering a ready-to-use product that was considerably less expensive to purchase. The price drop helped bring in a lot of younger consumers while keeping the lighter salt-based nicotine for a softer vaping experience.

The Industry Now Offers Something for Everyone

There’s no question that introducing a younger demographic to the industry and creating more affordable products helped make the vaping trend the phenomenon that it is today. 

While many of the brands that make these products have tried their hand at appealing to this younger market because of their size and vape-crazed nature, that doesn’t mean custom vape pens are not being sold anymore. Traditional smoke shops that used to feature fancy cigars as their top-selling product now have vape pens competing for that title. Currently, the industry caters to three main audiences. The largest and most lucrative of them all is the younger generation which has taken up vaping as their smoking method of choice. 

In fact, according to studies, most of the “new vapers” have never even had a traditional cigarette. The industry also caters to two other smaller niches, which are the former traditional smoker who is looking to quit. These were the original target of the industry at its inception in the early 2000s. Finally, there’s the older consumer that remains more loyal to the form of vaping made popular by Juul products. They will keep their custom vape pens and buy different vape juices. Many of them still enjoy the process of preparing the vape pen before their vaping session. 

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Is Elfbar Truly the Better Option?

Juul vape pens are still perhaps “better looking” than an Elfbar. The Juul 2 vape pen features a sleek design that’s overly portable. This design trumps the sort of bulky, Elfbar look. That’s about everything that Juul has over Elfbar. Especially if the Elfbar being compared to the Juul 2 is the Elfbar 2500 vape pen. What users are getting with the Elfbar is a much more powerful vape pen that’s going to provide a better puff range. While the boom of vaping arguably came about because puffs started to feel a bit “lighter,” Elfbar currently features a better balance in that department than Juul. The range of flavors that the brand offers has also helped it eat up some of the market share that other brands had in the past. 

Most of the hype around Elfbar is because it provides a simple, ready-to-use product. Elfbar has been able to reduce the cost of vape pens to appeal to a wider audience. The fact that it makes a reliable yet disposable product has proven to be the key to its success.


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