On the morning of March 19, Phu Quoc International Airport (Kien Giang) welcomed an international flight from Almaty, Kazakhstan. There were 235 visitors to the pearl island in this flight.

The first flight after 5 days travel is open

A representative of Scat Airlines in Phu Quoc said that the Kazakh delegation shared stay at 4 hotels and resorts on the pearl island. This delegation will leave Phu Quoc on the afternoon of March 27.

Thus, after 5 days of Vietnam opening for tourism, Phu Quoc airport had its first international flight. On the same day, Phu Quoc airport has 48 domestic flights to and from with about 14,000 passengers. Since the beginning of February, Phu Quoc airport has had an average of 45 trips and arrivals with about 13,500 passengers/day.

According to Vice Chairman of Kien Giang Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Luu Trung, the Department of Tourism has been directed by superiors to coordinate with departments, branches and People’s Committees of districts and cities to guide and support tourism businesses, tourism suppliers, and service providers to develop programs, plan to welcome guests, ensure safety for visitors; organize training for officials, employees and employees on the process of welcoming and serving tourists, ensuring safety and preventing epidemics in serving tourists.

Accordingly, the province focuses on 6 main groups of solutions including communication, promotion; cooperation in tourism development; development of products, improving the quality of tourism services; tourism human resource training; planning and investing in tourism infrastructure and strengthening the state management of tourism.

Kien Giang tourism industry also strengthens the application of information technology, synchronously deploys solutions to promote and advertise this local tourism image, associates tourism development cooperation with localities, focuses on improving the quality of destinations according to the tourism opening route to attract tourists back.

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3 key tasks of Kien Giang tourism industry

According to Mr. Nguyen Luu Trung, in 2021, Kien Giang province will welcome 3.1 million visitors (down 41.8% over the same period, reaching 44.7% of the year plan). In which, there were only 3,500 international visitors, down 98% over the same period and only reaching 0.9% of the year plan. Phu Quoc city alone welcomes 2.3 million visitors.

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In the first two months of this year, Kien Giang welcomed over one million visitors, up 27.1% over the same period, reaching 18.8% of the year plan. In which, Phu Quoc city welcomed 740,000 visitors, up 30.1% over the same period, reaching 19.5% of the year plan.

Particularly, the program to welcome international visitors to Phu Quoc with vaccine passports has had 10 flights with 1,282 guests from the markets of Korea, Laos, Kazakhstan, Uzaberkistan and Thailand.

However, the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated, spreading quickly, affecting the implementation of recovery solutions and attracting tourists. Tourism business units also faced many difficulties in the process of preparing to open to welcome guests, deteriorated facilities due to long inactivity due to the influence of the epidemic.

Due to the lack of jobs, many tourism workers have moved to other industries, which is also difficult during the recovery period of the tourism industry. The service supply chain between service businesses is broken, tourists are not really comfortable with traveling in the current situation when cases are still appearing in the community in Kien Giang.

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Kien Giang sets out three key tasks to support the operation of tourist zones, attractions, tourism business establishments and tourism services. That is to develop a plan to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic and to handle when there is a case of Covid-19 according to regulations; inspect and review the quality of facilities, techniques and services; invest in improving and upgrading degraded areas, strengthening and expanding service technical infrastructure to meet the requirements of the best service for tourists.

“Vaccine coverage in the country has reached an increasingly high rate, creating favorable conditions for the recovery and development of tourism activities. The demand to attract tourists in the West and in Ho Chi Minh City as well as the whole country is great. Therefore, in addition to the focus, efforts of each locality need cooperation to develop together, restore the tourism industry together, contribute to the overall socio-economic development of the region as well as the development of the local’s tourism industry”, emphasized Mr. Nguyen Luu Trung.

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