The BlackPink concert is at risk of cancellation: Some are in tears, while others are laughing.

, The BlackPink concert is at risk of cancellation: Some are in tears, while others are laughing.


On July 22, the Performing Arts Department officially announced the decision to stop or continue to hold two nights of BlackPink’s concert in Vietnam.

On the morning of July 22, the Department of Performing Arts, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism officially announced that BlackPink’s two concerts in Hanoi would be cancelled. Accordingly, early next week the relevant agencies will meet to decide whether to stop or continue to hold BlackPink’s Born Pink show.

Previously, on July 20, IME Vietnam (show organizer) announced to confirm that two BlackPink concerts in Hanoi will take place on the same scale as other concerts around the world. However, social networks still spread information about the fact that the organizers have not really prepared carefully all stages of legal procedures, leading to the possibility that the show will be canceled.

This information makes the group’s fans feel bewildered. As planned, only about 1 week left of BlackPink’s Born Pink concert will officially take place at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi. The performance stage is now complete, and many fans of the group are also looking forward to seeing their idols on stage. Worth mentioning, a part of the audience outside the Hanoi area, besides spending money to buy tickets to participate, there are other costs. Therefore, they feel disappointed with the irresponsible and disrespectful way of working for the audience of the organizers. Some Kpop enthusiasts said that in the future, no famous people will open concerts in Vietnam.

Contrary to the bewildered reaction of BlackPink fans, those holding event tickets are feeling happy, hoping that the concert will be canceled so as not to suffer losses.

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Ever since YG Entertainment announced that BlackPink will hold two concerts in Hanoi, there have been many controversies about the group’s concert organization. However, the audience still expects four talented BlackPink girls to smoothly perform in Vietnam, creating a premise for many other idols and celebrities to come to Vietnam to perform.


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