The banking recruitment market was active at the beginning of the year

Not only big banks but also small banks are promoting recruitment activities. Hundreds of job opportunities are being opened to welcome workers right after Tet.

Vietcombank has just announced the first batch of concentrated recruitment in 2023. Accordingly, the bank is looking for 134 employees without experience, 13 experienced employees at branches and 4 experienced staffs. experience at Head Office.

There are 8 positions recruited this time. At the branch, Vietcombank recruited personnel for 5 departments including customers, accountants/tellers, treasury, informatics, direct sales support staff. At the head office, there are 3 positions that the bank is looking for: Full-time Trade Union Officer of the Grassroots Working Committee, Full-time Trade Union Officer of the Inspection Committee, and Full-time Officer of the Youth Union.

The time to receive applications for indicators that do not require experience at the branch starts from the date of announcement until the end of February 7, 2023. As for criteria that require experience, the application deadline is December 31, 2023, or until the bank has recruited enough. For positions at the head office, the last application deadline for candidates is February 5, 2023.

Another big company,  VietinBank, is also recruiting 35 employees working in 12 positions of specialist level, key specialist, senior specialist in the departments of human resources, technology, foreign exchange business, reception, etc. customer care, credit approval, retail banking-digital banking. Most of these indicators will expire at the end of January this year.

VietCapitalBank attracted attention when it had a large-scale recruitment of nearly 400 employees at the beginning of the year, in a series of positions such as branch director, deputy branch director, customer management specialist, and key specialist. personal/business customer network, consultant, human resource policy specialist, teller, insurance sales specialist.

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The recruitment market for banks was active at the beginning of the year, one bank found more than 400 employees

The recruitment market for banks was active at the beginning of the year, one bank found more than 400 employees


The deadline for receiving applications ranges from the end of January to the end of March, depending on the location and speed of the bank’s recruitment program. The program may end earlier than expected in case the bank has recruited enough.

Another bank that is also recruiting hundreds of employees on this occasion is  HDBank. The bank is looking to recruit at least 110 employees in positions such as Digital Marketing, teller, corporate customer relations, insurance business, PR department, etc. Most of these targets have deadlines. Accepting applications is January 31, 2023.

OCB  is also recruiting personnel for 40 positions such as individual customer relations specialist, credit specialist, valuable paper sales specialist, data administrator, senior system operation specialist technology,…

Depending on the position you are applying for and the speed of the recruitment program, the application deadline may be the end of January, the end of February, the middle of March, or it may end earlier than expected.

There are 30 job opportunities being opened by ABBank. In which, there are many positions such as individual customer specialist, teller, controller, SME/individual customer specialist, digital banking, technology positions…

Application deadlines range from late January to late February depending on the location. The recruitment program can also end sooner if the bank has recruited enough.

BacABank is also providing 25 job opportunities for candidates in various positions such as customer relations specialist, controller, deputy director of branch/transaction office, head of customer service & treasury department, legal consultant, deposit product development specialist. The deadline for workers to apply varies from the end of January to the middle of February depending on the position and the number of candidates attending.

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20 positions and hundreds of job opportunities in the field of banking technology are also being  opened by TPBank. The application period for many positions is extended from now until February 22, 2023.

NCB needs to find 49 people in departments such as risk management, credit management, capital and financial markets, corporate clients, media, technology,…

According to experts, after Tet many workers tend to “jump jobs”. The same holds true for the banking industry. This is also often the time when banks start implementing business plans at the beginning of the year, so recruitment activities will also be more active.

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