MSB has just issued a warning to customers saying that there have been a number of malicious applications, impersonating public service applications in Vietnam, etc. to steal bank account information.

According to Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MSB), this scam is mainly aimed at customers who want to make money from applications and online jobs. Cybercriminals have taken advantage of this need to install malicious code on applications and links in messages to steal information and appropriate money in customers’ accounts.

When users install these applications and software, the phone is infected with malicious code that aims to gain access, use calls, contacts, photos, messages, microphone, camera, … and perform interactive behavior on the screen without action from the mobile device owner.

This leads to account information, passwords, OTPs being used by fraudsters to appropriate money in the account from the customer’s own device.

For iPhone users with old iOS versions, cybercriminals also take advantage of a vulnerability in iMessage features on iOS 15.7 and earlier versions to spread messages with malicious files attached.

This message will then automatically trigger malicious code and track, collect information, control the device when there is a network connection without the iPhone user’s knowledge.

To identify a phone infected with malicious code, users can observe the following signs: The device runs slowly, the application response speed is longer than usual, the battery drains quickly even without opening many applications, mobile traffic (3/4/5G) will drain faster or the device heats up abnormally.

To ensure the safety and security of personal information, MSB recommends that customers:

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1. Only install software provided by trusted developers from official app stores

2. Actively update the latest versions of the iOS operating system and the software installed on the device on a regular basis

3. Use reputable anti-virus software, security features

4. Prioritize the use of biometric security features

5. Be wary of opening any links received via SMS or Email

In case of suspecting that the device is infected with malicious code, users should immediately contact the banking hotline to temporarily block services and report it to the authorities at https://canhbao.ncsc.gov.vn or report to the anti-fraud project https://chongluadao.vn.

Source: To Quoc

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