Teacher Talk: How to easily transform your classroom into a smart one

, Teacher Talk: How to easily transform your classroom into a smart one

Technology challenge for educators

The 21st century classrooms are overwhelmed by all kinds of new technologies: projector, computer, electronic whiteboard, interactive flat panel, speakers, power amplifier, wireless microphone…When school leaders are busy planning an environment of digital learning, interactive teaching and smart campus, various equipment have been installed into classrooms, regardless of teacher’s reluctance to learn how to actually use them or the IT administrator’s complaint on the management difficulties.

With the trend of education technology hitting all kinds of schools, principals are concerned about how to upgrade school’s ICT level with the best budget? How to run the school economically with multiple devices? How to raise the school’s competitiveness in education technology? However for the school’s IT managers, their worry lies in repetitive operations of device management and huge energy and time consumption. Besides, the teachers as technology end users are overwhelmed by the complicated system and end up avoiding the trouble of learning.

The key to a smart classroom control

Q-NEX aims at solving these problems by a Networked Media Processor. It’s a highly-integrated equipment designed for classroom devices centralized control, AV distribution over IP and live streaming on a unified platform. Using the school’s existing network, Q-NEX offers IT admin remote management over the whole campus through web or App anytime and anywhere.

Here’s a typical school day scenario: before the class begins, the teacher needs to turn on the classroom devices one by one and wait for them to be ready for use. During the class, he will probably be troubled by switching the display content between the visualizer and his laptop. After the class is over, the classroom is very often left unattended with lights and the projector still on, and the school IT admin has to run over the campus to make sure every device is turned off properly.

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With Q-NEX Networked Media Processor in the classroom, the teacher can easy power on all the devices (lights, air-con, classroom TV, interactive display, projector and electronic screen) by simply one touch on the desktop control panel, or tapping his ID card. Besides local control, the IT admin can also set schedule task through web-based Q-NEX Console or App to power on/off devices for all the classrooms.

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What’s more, as a convergent AV/IT solution, Q-NEX also enables ad hoc and scheduled AV over IP distribution to classrooms. For example, the school IT admin can customize the school bell tone and schedule the ringing time, or even make a playlist of school music to be broadcasted to different groups of classrooms during lunch break. Another highlight is live streaming to classrooms. Instead of gathering in the auditorium, students can watch the live speech from the principal on the classroom TV for any public announcement.

Transform normal classroom into a smart one

Above being said, here comes the ultimate question: how to easily change my current classroom into such a smart one without much effort? Now the Q-NEX Networked Media Processor has embedded a wireless module – Q-NEX Control Box. As the wireless control module of Q-NEX Networked Media Processor, Q-NEX Control Box (CBX) easily realizes the remote control of campus electric devices (e.g. air conditioners, lights, electric curtains, projectors and monitors) through 2.4GHz wireless transmission. No need for wiring or changing existing electric lines, its wall-mounted design provides convenient and fast installation with stable and reliable performance.

, Teacher Talk: How to easily transform your classroom into a smart one

, Teacher Talk: How to easily transform your classroom into a smart one

Advantages of Q-NEX CBX with the Networked Media Processor:

1. Wireless Connection

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Connect to Q-NEX Networked Media Processor through 2.4G wireless transmission. Convenient installation without wiring or change of existing electric lines.

2. Unified control

Remote control anytime and anywhere on unified Q-NEX Console through Internet.

3. Multiple control interfaces

Wireless control of various devices with RS232, IR, and Relay interfaces.

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4. Device control extension for Q-NEX NMP

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CBX is an extension of control interfaces of NMP, and each NMP can be connected to 4 additional CBXs.

We hope that teachers can get help from more and more devices from the classroom instead of sparing much time learning how to operate them, we hope that teachers won’t bother when assembling students under rainy days, we hope that teachers won’t suffer sore throat anymore, we hope that teachers will get released from repetitive works like checking whether classroom devices are turned off classroom by classroom, we hope that teachers can enjoy and optimize every minute in the class.

We hope that teachers may use Q-NEX solution as early as possible, thus problems won’t be problems anymore. For more information, please email us: info@qnextech.com

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