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Located in Muong Hoa valley, Ta Van commune is a favorite destination for those who love homestay tourism, community tourism and experiencing the cozy atmosphere at the home of ethnic people.

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The small village is home to many ethnic minority communities, including the Mong (nearly 45%), the Giay (35%) and the Dao (20%). In addition, the beautiful landscape with ancient rock fields, springs and rice terraces is another reason to attract a large number of tourists to visit this place every year.

How to get there

To get to the village, visitors have to cross a suspension bridge over Muong Hoa stream. The first impression when coming here is the housing architecture that shows both courtesy and coziness. The house is built of wood and consists of three compartments: the middle is to place the altar and welcome guests, the right is for the owner and the left is the kitchen with a basket to store food. In the middle of the door is a red amulet made of yellow paper and a couplets in ancient Vietnamese characters to ward off evil spirits.

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A great example for community tourism

Under the direction of the local government through the community tourism project, many spacious guesthouses have been built to serve tourists only. However, not many people want to stay here because motels are said to be not as hospitable and friendly as homestays.

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It can be said that Ta Van village is a typical example of how to do community tourism. Not only the residence but other areas of the village were developed and modified to become a professional place for tourism purposes. To serve tourists who are interested in the traditional arts of the ethnic groups here, the village has organized a team of about 30 local artisans performing dances, singing or playing unique musical instruments. Witness how tools or crafts are made with the introduction of local craftsmen. Meanwhile, traditional festivals are revived and preserved, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the diverse culture of the small communities here, especially the Giay.


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Not only tourists benefit from this project but also local people. Now, more and more people in Ta Van village have jobs with sustainable incomes, their living standards are significantly improved, they have higher education levels, better living standards and labor-saving infrastructure. more dynamic in version.

Useful information

  • Location: Ta Van, Lao Cai

  • Best for: All Visitors

  • Entrance: N / A

  • Hours: Recommended to visit during the day

  • Distance to city center: 10.8km (6.7 mi)

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