Summary of great paying jobs in 2023

, Summary of great paying jobs in 2023

Many positions have a salary of up to $8,000 and this salary also has a difference between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Navigos Group has just published the Salary Survey 2023: Income Situation and Employee Expectations based on analysis from more than 4,100 candidates in 23 industries across the country. The report shows that experienced people are paid 2-3 times more than fresh graduates.

Specifically, in the field of design in the field of construction – real estate, if workers have experience, they will receive a minimum salary of 500 USD/month, maximum is 2,000 USD/month. Project management is from 650 – 1,500 USD/month (Hanoi) and 800 – 1,000 USD/month (HCMC).

In the technical department in the field of electronic equipment, fresh graduates with less than 5 years of experience in Hanoi have a salary of 300-500 USD/month, HCMC is 500-800 USD/month; If you have experience, it is 400 – 600 USD/month (Hanoi) and 900-1,200 USD/month (HCMC). When becoming a supervisory team leader, the salary can be up to 1,500 USD/month (Hanoi City) and 2,000 USD/month (HCMC); and the head of the department up to 3,000 USD/month (Hanoi City), 5,000 USD/month (HCMC).

The professions with huge salaries in 2023 - Photo 1.The professions with huge salaries in 2023 - Photo 1.

With the same job position, Ho Chi Minh City pays a higher salary than Hanoi

In the field of information technology and telecommunications, the experienced business development segment has a salary of 500 – 1,500 USD/month (Hanoi) and 800 – 2,000 USD/month (HCMC); For software development, the starting salary of new graduates in Hanoi is 400 – 1,000 USD/month, in HCMC is 700 – 1,200 USD/month, with experience is 1,000 – 3,000 USD/month and go to the expert level is from 3,000 – 5,000 USD/month. Meanwhile, the product development segment has an experience of $800-2,500/month, while the head of the department has a salary of up to $4,500/month.

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In the banking sector, experienced corporate banking is 650 – 2,500 USD/month (Hanoi) and 800 – 1,500 USD/month (HCMC); to the group leader is 1,000 – 6,000 USD/month (Hanoi) and 1,500 – 8,000 USD/month (HCMC). In the field of customer service with experience, the highest salary is 1,200 – 1,500 USD/month, to team leader is 2,000 – 2,500 USD/month.

In the field of education and training, the salary for new graduates with less than 2 years of experience is from 300 – 500 USD/month, with experience is 500 – 1,350 USD/month (Hanoi), and 700 – 1,200 USD/month (HCMC) and the head of the department is 850 – 1,500 USD/month. The recruitment segment with no experience is from 400-700 USD/month, with experience is from 600-1,000 USD/month and the head of department is 800-2,000 USD/month. Experienced teachers are 500 – 1,500 USD/month.

The above data shows that the salary of people without experience in the field of information technology – telecommunications is still higher than most other fields. Besides, the salary of experienced people will be 2-3 times higher than fresh graduates, depending on the job position and industry field.

The professions with huge salaries in 2023 - Photo 2.The professions with huge salaries in 2023 - Photo 2.

experienced workers are paid 2-3 times higher than new graduates.

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, General Director of Navigos Group, said that today’s workers pay a lot of attention to environmental factors and corporate culture. The majority of survey respondents chose working environment, salary and corporate culture as the top factors to retain employees working at the current company with the ratio of 11.21% – 10 respectively,55% – 9.56%. Meanwhile, the stability of business activities ranked 4th in the list with the rate of 8.05%, the flexible working mechanism accounted for 7.27%.

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“There are also other factors such as company reputation, direct management, career advancement, corporate transparency, personal health insurance that make employees stick with their company working,” said Gaku Echizenya.

However, employees still expect the company’s change in the salary and bonus policy in 2023. The salary will be increased every year from 10% or more, which is the choice that accounts for the highest proportion with 45.62 %, nearly half of the survey participants.

Regarding allowances and benefits, employees expect to have more benefits from collective activities, culture, arts and tourism at the rate of 5.5%, and at the same time expect businesses to have more benefits on public holidays, annual leave (4.70%) and an increase in basic allowances (4.58%).

Employees also expect a safe business and a stable career when unexpected risk factors occur, as well as an open working environment and candid sharing of information.

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