Strengthen inspection and handling of expats’ residency and activities violations.


The Provincial People’s Committee has requested all relevant departments, branches, agencies, units, and People’s Committees of districts, towns, and cities to actively promote and spread awareness of legal regulations regarding entry and exit. Each entity should take responsibility for its assigned tasks and duties in this regard.

Under this directive, the Provincial Police will lead and coordinate with the aforementioned entities to ensure a cohesive and effective approach to spreading awareness and understanding of legal regulations regarding entry and exit. Additionally, the Provincial Police will guide relevant agencies, units, organizations, and individuals to ensure compliance with these regulations.

A Working Group will be set up by the Provincial Police to monitor compliance with regulations by organizations and individuals sponsoring expats, as well as businesses and accommodation establishments employing expats.

Recently, there have been numerous instances of violations in the province, including foreigners working illegally, businesses sponsoring expats to work without proper permits, and expats engaged in improper activities through entry programs. Additionally, some enterprises have failed to notify these cases to relevant authorities for proper management and guidance.

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