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While not unique to Vietnam, street vending is an essential part of city life. Street vendors can be divided into three categories: those who frequently travel by bicycle or on foot, those who have a steady foothold on a street, and finally those who have shops and expand their products. theirs on the sidewalk. They act as an informal but extremely important actor in the local economy.

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The products are varied according to the needs. In general, fruits, flowers and domestic products are the most popular items. It may sound strange, but street vendors have regular customers and stable business relationships. Hence, while there are certainly gaps and differences; Quality is usually preserved to a good level. Locals shopping for fresh groceries every day can enjoy the luxury of having products delivered to their doorstep at competitive prices with no delivery fees. However, haggling is almost a must, especially if you are a tourist and at the same time a foreigner.

Food supplier in Hanoi

Another indispensable function of street vendors is to provide a variety of foods 24/7 all year round. The foods are subject to change according to the rhythm of the season. Street vendors can be seen as the fast food equivalent because a dish is often made immediately, but it is not mass-produced and contains significantly less fat.

Food safety is a matter of concern and is the main reason for a recent government decree to restrict street vendors. If you’re not sure how much your stomach can handle and how safe the food is, you might not want to take the risk. So a wise thing to do is to consult a local friend if you can, they know who can be trusted. Without any advice, go to a shop with more people eating than a quiet one, because obviously good business comes with good quality.

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