Street businesses in HCMC’s large expat community of D7 will resume very soon

, Street businesses in HCMC’s large expat community of D7 will resume very soon

Authorities in District 7 of Vietnam’s largest business hub proposed to reopen street businesses from September 20, with certain conditions required such as full vaccination.

District 7 is one of the two districts in Ho Chi Minh City that declaring that it has controlled Covid-19! It had only 2 deaths on a recent day. Of note, 94% of its population is vaccinated. District 7 authorities also anticipated the need for isolation hospital beds and immediately had adequate hospital care. Their 34 mobile units with 2-3 nurses each, served over 1,000 home cases.

“The plan is meant to gradually resume the operations of different types of business and speed up socio-economic development in the ‘new normal’ period”, Hoang Minh Tuan Anh, chairman of District 7 reported to the secretary of the city’s party committee on Sunday morning.

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The first business models to be resumed will be those selling essential goods and street businesses, with a reopening schedule from September 20 to October 20, the Tuoi Tre Newspaper reported.

According to the proposal, those businesses must meet requirements set out by local authorities, including full vaccination for staff. Approved businesses can be open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.

Tax exemption or reduction for businesses in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022 could be applied to help them recover after the long operation hiatus. The local authorities also offer support packages for workers and rapid antigen test kits for household businesses in the first month upon resumption.

The district also proposed a policy for production enterprises to use public land lots for one to two years to build temporary accommodations for workers.

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The city’s secretary Nguyen Van Nen hailed the district for having met requirements of epidemic prevention and control and welcomed its proactive, creative initiative for business reopening. He emphasized that the reopening must be done carefully, step by step, without risk-taking and complacency as the epidemic is still complicated.

“The district authorities to continue COVID-19 testing, treating infection cases, vaccinating people, and taking care of their livelihoods according to the set plan. The city will give the district priorities to implement the plan” he added.

On Thursday, authorities declared that the COVID-19 epidemic has been kept under control in Cu Chi District and District 7.

Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City is still the gravest coronavirus outbreak site in Vietnam, recording over 251,000 cases since the fourth wave emerged in Vietnam on April 27, according to Tuoi Tre Newspaper

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