Starbucks plans to turn 15,000 stores into electric car charging stations

, Starbucks plans to turn 15,000 stores into electric car charging stations

With 15,000 locations across the US, coffee chain Starbucks is planning to convince electric vehicle owners that its facilities are the perfect place to recharge.

According to one forecast, by 2030, the United States may have up to 26 million electric cars. That means the country needs 10 times more charging stations than it currently has. Embracing this trend, the Starbucks coffee chain thinks it can help fill the void.

In a test this year, Starbucks says it’s working with Volvo and Chargepoint to install EV (electric vehicle) chargers in parking lots along a 2,100-kilometer route from Denver to Seattle, with stops about 160 km apart. “This is one of those charging deserts because there aren’t too many charging stations there,” said Michael Kobori, director of sustainability at Starbucks.

Usually, electric vehicle owners or charge batteries at home to serve for daily travel. However, on long trips, it is not always easy to find a charging station. With current charging technology, this process also takes longer than traditional gas filling.

“Our plan is a combination that can bring convenience to everyone. Imagine, if you are traveling or working far away, you still want to stop somewhere to buy a cup of Starbucks or something. And when you’re waiting to get your food or enjoy, you can charge your car,” Mr. Kobori said.

While charging times vary depending on vehicle type, Volvo says its electric vehicles can go from 20% to 90% in 40 minutes.

According to Mr. Kobori, Volvo and Chargepoint will handle the installation of charging stations at Starbucks stores in towns such as Twin Falls, Idaho and Uintah, Utah. They will adapt to local amenities.

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In many areas, charging stations will also make it easier for locals to use, not just for tourists. “This route passes through some economically disadvantaged communities,” Mr. Kobori said. “We wanted to bring charging stations to underserved areas to expand the market for electric vehicles as well.”

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During the test, Starbucks will examine usage rates to decide if it wants to expand the service nationwide as part of a larger sustainability plan.

A recent report said the number of new battery-powered vehicles in the US skyrocketed in the first quarter of 2022. This equates to the fact that this type of vehicle currently accounts for 4.6% of the US market.

According to data firm Experian, in the first three months of this year, there were 158,689 electric vehicles registered in the US. It is estimated that Tesla cars accounted for 113,882 of them, up 59% over the same period last year. In second place is Kia with 8,450 vehicles.

It can be said that electric cars are becoming a new trend in the US. In this market, the infrastructure is considered to be relatively suitable for electric vehicles. The use of these vehicles is increasingly popular in the US because they are not much more expensive than gasoline cars and offer a new driving experience.

In addition, the US is also encouraging the switch to electric vehicles instead of fossil fuel vehicles to protect the environment. US President Joe Biden has set a goal that by 2030, half of all new car sales in the US will be electric.

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