Sports activities in Ho Chi Minh City

Sports activities in Ho Chi Minh City

While Ho Chi Minh City may not be the most nature-friendly city in its region, it certainly caters to sports fans. Expats relocating to Saigon will have the opportunity to participate in plenty of hiking opportunities, join a sports team and make new friends if theyre interested.

Group sports

Three of the most popular team sports activities in Ho Chi Minh City are Gaelic football, rugby and soccer. Each of these activities caters to both men and women. Some of the teams travel throughout Southeast Asia to participate in tournaments, making for a cool opportunity for those who are keen on a little weekend exploration every now and then. While the teams are predominantly comprised of expats, there are certainly some soccer teams with locals.

Expats who are interested in joining a team but not wanting to commit 100 per cent are also able to rent out fields throughout town on a regular basis. The only qualifications a team will need are enough people and the down payment for the team. A bonus to living in Vietnam: customisable team shirts are super easy to get made!


One company changing the game in town is La Holista. Not only does this company aim toward encouraging Saigoneers to adopt healthier lifestyles, but the owners organise regular hikes out of town. Finding the hiking trails outside of the city can be a difficult feat, so it’s a good thing this company exists for hiking fanatics. For around USD 25, expats can secure a spot on a La Holista hike. The price includes transportation to and from the trail, a vegan lunch, two vegan protein balls and water. Going on these hikes are a prime opportunity for newbies to meet others living in the city while also getting closer to nature. It’s a win-win!

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Two other niche sports groups that are popular among both expats and locals are the Run Club and Hash House Harriers. Both of these groups are geared toward runners; the Run Club has active members in a variety of districts throughout the city and the Hash House Harriers combine drinking beer with their runs. While the Hash House Harriers are a bit more of a party vibe when it comes to health, one awesome aspect of the organisation is they meet for regular meals together – perfect for expats looking to acclimate to Ho Chi Minh City. Depending on the district, the Run Club often organises bi-weekly runs; the frequency of workouts picks up when people are training for the Ho Chi Minh City Marathon, which takes place in January each year.

Runners who are not super keen to join a group will be pleased to discover there are plenty of loops around Ho Chi Minh City that are perfect for training. From public parks to quiet streets, there is certainly a running route that will cater to just about anyone.

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