Source of tourist information

Source of tourist information
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There are many options for you to find out more information about Vietnam. You should purchase an instruction manual or carry a hard copy of the required information. This is not only useful for your trip, but also extremely handy in case of an emergency.
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Lonely Planet is dominating the travel guidebook market because of its convenience, detail, and user-friendliness. You can visit your local bookstore to purchase a copy or order it online, either directly on the site, or on popular sites like Amazon and Chapters.

Frommer is also another popular choice for guidebooks. While the information isn’t as detailed and extensive as Lonelyplanet’s, Frommer offers alternative recommendations regarding food, accommodation and services. You can also purchase a copy of Frommer at your bookstore or online.

With the rapid development of the Internet, there are many online sources you can tap to get more diverse information about Vietnam tourism.

Travel Forum


Thorntree Forum:

Frommer Forum:

Virtual tourist forum:

Travel network

Hotel Club:


Travel Diary

Travel Pod:

Travel Magazine:

Travel Blog:

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