Air pollution in Hanoi City is a serious concern for people’s health. Some areas have very high levels of pollution, which can be dangerous. For example, measuring points at Sao Mai Center, NetNam Center, and Vuon Dau – Trau Quy area have the highest pollution warning level of 406, 392, and 319, respectively. Other areas, such as Chua Lang (272), Doi Can (267), Viet-Bun Kindergarten (264), and Colibri Hanoi (262), have lower but still harmful levels of pollution.

The measuring point at TITA Hoa Binh in Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province, has recorded the highest level of pollution index in many days. Experts say that air pollution, especially fine dust pollution in cities, is still a complicated issue. Dry weather in the Northern region and Hanoi capital has caused the amount of fine dust in the air to remain longer. Continuous fog in the evening, night, and early morning has also contributed to high air pollution levels, leaving behind smoke, dust, and toxic substances in the air.


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