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Vietnam is a peaceful country and female travelers certainly don’t face any particular safety issues. However, it should be noted that women in other countries, especially in the West, enjoy too many freedoms, some of which are just the dreams of Vietnamese girls. While this shouldn’t deter female travelers from visiting a foreign country like Vietnam, women should follow a few simple tips to ensure their safe and enjoyable trips in the Asian country. .
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Tip #1 – When it comes to clothing, you should stick to the local dress code. Vietnamese people don’t dress in traditional or religious ways in daily life, so you don’t need to worry about wearing something weird or awkward. However, Vietnamese women, especially women in rural areas, dress modestly and simply and tourists should try to do the same. Therefore, leaving colorful things at home will definitely make it easier for you to integrate into the community. Also, when visiting holy sites and national monuments, you should avoid wearing shorts and t-shirts that smell like beer, even on hot days (read our Vietnam Clothing and Accessories Shopping Tips) I).

Tip #2 – Solo female travelers are more likely to fall prey to pickpockets, snatchers and scammers. Petty crime is becoming less common in Vietnam, mainly taking place in crowded areas such as markets, bus stations, train stations and restricted areas although most resorts in Vietnam are classified on the list of safe places for tourists (read Guide to Scams and how to avoid them). However, basic precautions should be taken. It is necessary to pay attention to your luggage and other bags at all times. One of the best ways to deal with this might be to consider staying at more upscale hotels and always leave your valuables and essentials like your passport, visa and credit cards. your money in the hotel and avoid carrying too much money when going out.
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Tip #3 – If you’re traveling alone, you’re likely to be bombarded with questions about your marital status, home, family or, in short, your personal life. Expect curious glances if you are over 30 and still single or you have been married for 3 years without children. It might get a little uncomfortable for you after a while, but calm down because it’s just a part of Eastern culture. Otherwise, to end those conversations before they go too far, you can wear a wedding headband or lie to your husband with makeup if you want to avoid flirting – this is quite common in Vietnam.

Tip #4 – Friends in Vietnam don’t hug or kiss to say hello. Therefore, in order not to create any misunderstanding among local boys, it is wise not to display such close manners. As a solo traveler, you should definitely leave a copy of your itinerary with a close friend or relative and keep in touch with them regularly.

Please email us for advice on all matters from etiquette, clothing to safety, Vietnamonline is always with you and wishes you a wonderful and unforgettable journey.

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