Sojo Hotels – the only Vietnamese nominee to compete in “Asia’s leading lifestyle hotel” category by World travel Awards 2021

, Sojo Hotels – the only Vietnamese nominee to compete in “Asia’s leading lifestyle hotel” category by World travel Awards 2021

As the most prestigious and coveted international award program in the travel and hospitality industry, this year’s World Travel Awards acknowledges the participation of Vietnam’s first “touchless” hotel model – SOJO Hotels.

World Travel Awards was established in 1993 to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all key sectors of the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. Today, the World Travel Awards (WTA) brand is recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence. In 2019 and 2020, Vietnam tourism championed the Asia region twice in a row as Asia’s Leading Heritage Destination, Asia’s Leading Cultural Destination, and Asia’s Leading Culinary Destination.

In 2021, Vietnam tourism is still relentlessly pursuing recognition for its national destinations, local destinations, and tourism products. Among the list of candidates from Vietnam this year, SOJO Hotels stands out as a brand new hospitality product in the market and the only Vietnamese nominee for “Asia’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel” within 2021 WTA.

SOJO Hotels – Pioneer in changing Vietnam’s hospitality during the “new normal”

According to the General Statistics Office, Vietnam’s GDP grew 5.64% in the first half of 2021, higher than the 1.82% figure recorded in the first half of 2020. This growth highlights the efforts of the government in pursuing the “dual goal” of preventing the COVID-19 pandemic while promoting socio-economic development, as well as the proactive changes by businesses to promptly adapt to the “new normal”.

For Vietnam’s travel and hospitality industry, SOJO Hotels sets a prime example of adaptation with its brand new model of “touchless hotels”. The SOJO Hotels chain minimizes physical contact between people and objects as well as direct contact between people. Instead of checking in with a front desk receptionist, our guests can check in online 48 hours in advance or utilize the automated check-in / check-out kiosk system when they arrive at the hotel lobby. Instead of pressing buttons, pulling switches, picking up room keys, or drawing the curtains, they can use a single mobile key integrated within the SOJO app system – the smartphone application that follows and supports them throughout their experiential journey at SOJO. SOJO Hotels also optimizes technology to build a live chat system between GURUs (versatile and multi-tasking customer representatives) and the guests to ensure their communication is smooth, and this approach has proven especially effective when serving groups of guests who stay in quarantine voluntarily or on entry during the Covid-19 period.

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SOJO’s entire technology platform – a full set of solutions called T.SHS (TNTech Smart Hotel Solutions) has been awarded the Sao Khue 2021, and its customer experience has been nominated for the Top 5 Best CX Ecosystem in the Markie Awards held by Oracle.

, Sojo Hotels – the only Vietnamese nominee to compete in “Asia’s leading lifestyle hotel” category by World travel Awards 2021, Sojo Hotels – the only Vietnamese nominee to compete in “Asia’s leading lifestyle hotel” category by World travel Awards 2021

Room interior and color-changing shower cabin at SOJO Hotels

SOJO Hotels brings a new concept of hospitality service – “the right hotel and the right taste” – to active global citizens who love new experiences. While the “right hotel” means the optimization of touch points so that our guests can have a peace of mind when staying with us during the unpredictable pandemic period, the “right taste” is conveyed in SOJO Hotels’ investment in creating moments of pure relaxation for our guests. All the rooms at SOJO are equipped with king-size beds and panoramic windows that provide a stunning view for our guests. Other differentors of SOJO Hotels include the color-changing shower cabin and the adjustable sound and lighting system that can be customized to the user’s mood.

SOJO Hotels’ multi-purpose open lobby, the so-called JO247, represents the pinnacle of connected entertainment in the “new normal” era. Designed to ensure a safe private space of two square meters per guest and compliance with SOJO 11 Safe & Smile principles that strictly adhere to the preventive anti-epidemic measures, JO247 provides a space of creativity, flexibility, and safety with full functions such as a co-working area, relaxing coffee shop, or chill bar by night.

Notwithstanding a new brand, SOJO Hotels has left its mark by building a new hotel concept that adapts promptly to changes in the market while making efforts to elevate the position of Vietnamese hospitality by competing at WTA 2021.

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Let’s vote for SOJO Hotels – a representative of hotels in the future and a proud brand of Vietnam – to create new hopes for Vietnam’s tourism industry in the “new normal” period: HERE

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