Singing Quan Ho folk songs – Pure local art

, Singing Quan Ho folk songs – Pure local art
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Quan ho in the past was also a type of performance art, but closer, there was almost no border between “performer” and “audience”. Also, there is no such thing as “money” or “revenue” from Quan Ho.

Quan Ho Once Upon a Time – Endless Play

Right from its inception, “Quan ho” was only considered a cultural activity for the people of Bac Ninh and some neighboring areas to gather and share their passion with attractive voices. They “play” Quan ho, not “perform” with the main purpose of satisfying the need to meet and make friends with people with the same interests, and to exchange their love of traditional arts in a community. big copper.

, Singing Quan Ho folk songs – Pure local artQuan Ho revived at a local village event

Previously, Quan ho was almost exclusively performed on holidays, New Year’s and parties, so both the audience and Quan ho singers only had the opportunity to enjoy this unique art at certain times. Generally, when the time comes, Quan ho singers appoint their singing friends, then sing together until both are exhausted or the matter is over and then return to ordinary life with nostalgia. But in my head I met Quan Ho again. Ho you the next year. It can be said that Quan Ho at that time was really a way for people to balance life, relax, and drop their souls into the flow of smooth Quan ho melodies.

One of the most unique features of the old Quan ho that may not be found in today’s Quan Ho is that once they became Quan ho singers, some couples are said to be born to sing Quan ho together later. . That is the fate of those who sing Quan Ho.

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Quan Ho Today, When Professional Sometimes Means Commercial

After decades of war ravaged and forgotten in the process of rebuilding the nation, fortunately, Quan Ho was well preserved by the people of Kinh Bac and returned in a completely fresh appearance. It may be something new for lovers of this art form, but for the elderly in the Kinh Bac region, who are often nostalgic for the Quan Ho tradition, it may not be what they expect. waiting to become Quan Ho. Quan Ho today is not as pure as in the past.

It can be said that the modern Quan ho began when the Quan Ho Bac Ninh Folk Dance Troupe appeared in 1969. That event marked an important milestone in the development of this traditional art when Quan Ho came to be. they put on a whole new shell to be more professional, but also much more commercial than before. Quan ho at that time almost no longer had the original purpose of satisfying the people’s traditional artistic needs, switching to a type of art product that was “performance” rather than “playing” for fun.

Performing Quan Ho

Quan ho today is performed everywhere, all the time, not just on special occasions like before. Visitors to Bac Ninh only need to pay a small amount of money to have some Quan Ho singers sing for them. People in other regions, maybe other countries, can also listen to Quan ho through recorded CDs or on the Internet anytime and anywhere they like. That could be good news, but it could also be bad news.

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In addition, the people who sing Quan ho now are not completely amateur singers who only sing with passion and emotion but are actors who perform professionally choreographed songs. They are carefully trained, from gestures, gestures to emotions and eyes to suit the staging of the repertoire and they sing with anyone, not just partners like in the old days. It is a sign of the forever fading of the artistic relationship between Quan ho singers.

However, in Bac Ninh, the hometown of Quan Ho, there are also other people, mostly elderly singers and some enthusiastic young people who always recall the memory of the traditional Quan Ho and dream of recreating the original. Quan Ho version has no commercial nature. They gather into clubs, exchange knowledge and Quan ho tunes, as well as train other younger generations how to sing Quan ho songs perfectly. But more importantly, they spread the original Quan Ho spirit to their descendants, in the hope of seeing the traditional Quan Ho return in the near future.

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