Should You Hire A Freelance App Developer In Vietnam?

As we slowly start to see things like mall check-ins with the PC-Covid app disappear and we move towards the endemic phase of the pandemic, it’s easy to see how technology has completely taken over many things in our lives. Digital adoption has been increasing over the past few years, but there were still a few conservative industries that didn’t want to adapt. When lockdowns came about, these companies had no choice but to adapt to digital or die. No one knew how long the pandemic would last so something had to be done to keep things moving.

When these more traditional industries had a chance to see digital work for them, they realised that this is great and they should have been doing this all along. This created an exciting shift in digital innovation. Now companies are ready to adapt and people are more excited about it in general. If you just look at the Google Search trends for terms like “app developer” and “freelance app developer”, you will see that they have increased by over 900 percent. People are looking for app developers to bring their ideas to life. Both large companies and individuals with an entrepreneurial fire are ready to create. But finding a good freelance app developer in Vietnam is not always that simple, as there are many things to consider when hiring one.

How to find a freelance app developer in Vietnam

The first thing you need to do before you even start the project is find a programmer that will be able to do the work needed. In Vietnam there are a few ways to do this. When searching for a developer, using the internet is going to be your best bet. Sure you can reach out to people you know who have recently developed an app and see if they have any to refer to, but this isn’t going to be an option for most people.

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So the best options are using Google, social media, freelancer marketplaces and even Job sites. Now you will need to decide if you want to hire a freelance developer directly, or through a 3rd party provider. There are benefits and potential downsides with both approaches. If you use a marketplace, you will have access to app developers in Vietnam, but also globally. You will also have access to customer support in case there are any issues with the project. They will be able to fairly review the situation and make sure a resolution is given. The downside to doing this is that marketplaces usually (but not always), attract lower quality developers, as the top freelance developers prefer to work independently, using their own website and network to find work.

If you want to use a marketplace there are a few options for you to consider. They all let freelancer developers sign up and offer their services, but they work slightly differently and some seem to have higher quality developers than others. Upwork is probably the most popular and reputable service to use. With Upwork you can search for developers in Vietnam and then see their hourly rate, projects and reviews. You can then reach out to a few candidates and then hire one if you would like. Upwork also allows you to create a project with a budget and then developers will send you proposals for you to look through.

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Another popular service in Vietnam is Freelancer. The name pretty much says it all, Freelancer is a marketplace to hire freelancers. You can filter freelancers by their skills, location and hourly rates. You can even filter by freelancers currently online if you urgently need to get going.

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Now if you choose to hire a freelancer directly, you can choose to search for them on Google or LinkedIn. Some of the best freelance app developers in Vietnam include Thong Doan, Than Ngo, and Son Van. They all have their own websites where you can find out more about what they do and the kind of projects they have worked on before.

Things to consider before hiring a freelance app developer

So finding a programmer in Vietnam to build out your project is pretty simple with the large amount of options you can choose from. But there are some important things to consider before doing that. Partnering with a sub ideal developer will cause more issues than you can imagine. People often choose to work with a freelancer to keep development costs down, but in many cases they end up losing money and have no product.

So the first thing you need to look at is the developer’s reputation. On marketplaces you can see their portfolio and reviews from past clients. If you work with a developer directly, they will usually display their portfolio of past work on their website. You can take a look at some of them and decide if the quality is up to standard with the apps you use yourself. Software developers are often very technical people with great skill when it comes to solving complex problems, but very few are great product creators that understand user experience. To build a really great app, you need more than just code, you need design and an understanding of the business goals. This is one reason why you should consider hiring an app development company instead of a freelancer. App development companies will have a full team of engineers, designers, and product managers work on your project and this will ensure a great product is delivered.

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Communication is also an important aspect of an app development project. If the developer doesn’t know how to communicate, it can lead to features being misinterpreted. This could lead to delays in delivery and conflict between you and the developer. App development companies have a more professional approach to developing apps. Instead of just programming away, they plan out the entire project and work with you to offer suggestions based on their experience. Once you are happy, they will sign off on the specifications and develop the app. Good planning ensures that the app will be completed in the required timeframe. Delays not only waste time, but also end up costing you more money.

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