SEO Best Practices for Any Business Looking to Reach More Customers in 2023

, SEO Best Practices for Any Business Looking to Reach More Customers in 2023

Ever since people started using the internet to obtain information, SEO quickly positioned itself as one of the most important ways for allowing consumers to discover your business in an organic, simple, and cost-effective manner.

Now at the start of 2023, the situation hasn’t really changed. But digital marketing is evolving and a rapid pace and SEO which makes one of its main pillars is not an exception. With things as they are, the methods we were able to use only recently may no longer produce satisfying results.

Let us take a look then at some of the strategies that did stand the test of time and the ones that are picking up steam to see what can you do to put your business on the radar in 2023 and beyond.

Quality content makes the foundation of SEO

This situation has been present ever since the inception of the SEO industry. Still, it looks like that with each new year, the importance of informative, quality, and easy-to-read content only keeps growing. Namely, Google has made painfully obvious that, in order to produce any sensible SERP ranking, the content that is used to carry through the SEO methods needs to possess some real tangible value to its readers. Therefore, the markers that want to use this marketing to the fullest extent need to put users’ intent first place and only then implement various technical and marketing practices.

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Optimizing the user experience for mobile

The importance of mobile devices in the digital marketing arena can’t truly be stressed enough. Even if we take a look at developing markets, like for instance Vietnam, we will see that mobile phones are actively used by more than 70% of the population which means that all content bits you are going to release there will most likely be consumed on the go. That, in turn, entails a very deep set of different requirements that are ranging from technical aspects (your website needs to be optimized for mobile access) to writing guidelines (avoid walls of text, articles should be broken into smaller sections, etc.).

Putting more effort into link management

Outreach to various publishers and building backlinks to your own website makes one of the most important components of the SEO industry. However, this process is inherently unpredictable and very hard to put into a measurable and standardized framework. This situation is made even harder by the fact that most marketers use only rudimentary tools like Google sheets to keep the track of this complex process. So, if you want to find a great area for improvement here is one. Using professional SEO link management tools for this challenge will definitely put backlinking into a more consistent context.

Creating internal linking infrastructure

Now that you have given wind at the back to your external linking efforts it would be only natural to give the same level of attention to your internal linking endeavors. This time, though, you are going to do that by creating long—term content strategy, creating important content hubs, and making a plan about how your new bits of content will connect to this existing infrastructure. Aside from the obvious benefits in the form of higher website traffic, more in-depth internal infrastructure will also allow you to optimize for a lower number of high-performing pages and lead your visitors further from that point on.

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Creating a website that is easier to navigate

When they are ranking your website, Google’s crawl bots will try to simulate the users’ behavior and take a short journey through its content and infrastructure. For this process to be successful, you need to create a simple website hierarchy, different topic clusters, categories, subcategories, headings, and internal links, and use all other resources that make website navigation simple and streamlined. But, even if we take bots out of the equation altogether, the entire point of SEO is to drive more traffic to your website. That will never be possible if your site is off-putting and presents users with unnecessary challenges.

Focus on the services that set your company apart

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that with the list of only 20 to 50 keywords used for traditional SEO campaigns, you don’t really have too much room for redundancies. That is why instead of going for easy hits probably used by your competitors, you should try focusing your campaigns around unique services and products that set your brand apart from other companies. Also, try to put yourself in the shoes of your buyers.  For instance, if you are selling refrigerators, think about whether it is more possible that your future buyers will use the less formal word ‘fridge’ instead.

We hope these couple of suggestions gave you a clearer idea about the strategies you can use to make your future SEO campaigns more streamlined, up-to-speed, and effective. SEO is an incredibly valuable and productive method that can really change the future outlook of your company, but only if it’s used in the right manner. The tips we gave you won’t address all challenges that are associated with this marketing sector but they will definitely give you a rock-solid foundation you can very easily build upon.

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