SEA Games 31 opening: Thank you Vietnam!

Today, the 31st SEA Games opens, the much-awaited sporting event that promotes the development of Vietnam’s economy and is highly appreciated by countries in the region.

The 31st SEA Games, a sports festival with the goal of connecting Southeast Asian countries, officially opened at 8pm on May 12 at My Dinh National Stadium.

True to the slogan “For a stronger Southeast Asia”, before the opening of the 31st SEA Games, it has made an impression on countries in the region and the international community.

The impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic forced the 31st SEA Games to take place half a year later than originally planned when Vietnam hosted.

However, this change did not have too much impact on congress. Vietnam 2021, the international name of this SEA Games, remains the same as the important tournaments UEFA Euro 2020, Olympic Tokyo 2020, or more recently the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020.

Before the opening day, 12 men’s football matches and 4 women’s football matches took place. Besides, many sets of medals were also awarded.

SEA Games 31 lan tỏa tinh thần 'Vì một Đông Nam Á mạnh mẽ hơn' | Thể thao | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

SEA Games 31 lan tỏa tinh thần 'Vì một Đông Nam Á mạnh mẽ hơn' | Thể thao | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

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The vibrant SEA Games atmosphere is not only at the venues that attract great attention to the international media.

On the evening of May 11, 16,100 spectators were present at Cam Pha Stadium to watch the Vietnamese women upstream defeating the Philippines women in Group A women’s football. This is a number that many big events can only dream of.

In men’s football, not only Viet Tri Stadium (Phu Tho) was attended by the host U23 Vietnam, but Thien Truong Stadium (Nam Dinh) also made the Group B teams really excited by the enthusiasm of the audience.

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U23 Thailand feels excited when competing at Thien Truong. Malaysian media thanked Nam Dinh fans for creating enthusiasm for their U23 team to defeat their Thai opponent in the opening match.

The protocols from Covid-19 are relaxed, athletes and fans enjoy true sports quality.

Economic boost

Sport connects society and drives economic development. Many countries have a great development whose milestones are successful congresses.

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Japan made a spectacular socio-economic breakthrough after World War II, when it hosted the 1964 Olympics.

In 1988, Seoul hosted the Summer Olympics with 159 participating nations, the most at that time. This event contributes to promoting Korea to become a leading industrial country in the world.

The SEA Games of course cannot be compared with the Olympics. However, the Southeast Asian Games still have great influence in the ASEAN community.

This is the second time Vietnam has hosted the festival. 19 years ago, the 22nd SEA Games brought great success to the country.

At the 22nd SEA Games, in addition to ranking first in the number of medals as the host, Vietnam was recognized by the world as an economic leap.

According to statistics, in 2005 – two years after the congress – our country’s national income growth rate jumped by 7%. This number helps Vietnam to enter the group of fastest growing economies in the world.

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Thailand has made the most of its SEA Games hosts to develop many social aspects over the past 60 years, especially tourism.

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Many Southeast Asian experts believe that the 31st SEA Games will help Vietnam make a strong step after Covid-19, with an estimated GDP growth of 6.5%.

Regional fans used to think that the SEA Games were interrupted by countries having to stretch themselves for the fight against Covid-19. The fact that the 31st congress was only postponed for half a year is a great success of the Government of Vietnam.

“We must thank the Vietnamese Government for its persistence in organizing the Games, despite many obstacles, especially Covid-19. Thanks to that, the most important sports festival in the region was not interrupted.” Thai Rath newspaper commented.

“Wishing Vietnam once again success with the SEA Games”, Thai Rath and many media channels in the region sent a message before the opening.

Many professional athletes, who have carefully prepared and dreamed of the SEA Games for many years, expressed their happiness when the event was held. All have the same voice: “Thank you Vietnam!”.

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