San Francisco Entrepreneur Resources

San Francisco Entrepreneur Resources

San Francisco Entrepreneur Resources

Although the National Small Business Week is over, the small business celebrations are not over yet. Every year, San Francisco Small Business Week highlights the achievements and contributions of San Francisco small businesses through speakers, seminars and networking opportunities.

San Francisco’s small business owners are as diverse as the city itself. To help this growing business community, here are some San Francisco resources—and national resources—that can be used to encourage and support the success of small businesses. (For other local resources, check out this valuable list.)

Minority business owners

Minority Enterprise Development Agency (MBDA): Affiliated to the US Department of Commerce, MBDA is responsible for the development and production of resources and plans to support minority business owners. Areas of expertise include exporting, signing contracts and subcontracting with government agencies, and obtaining capital through grants and loans.

National Minority Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing economic empowerment to business owners in its communities.

  • National Black Chamber of Commerce (local: San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce)
  • American Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Local: San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce)
  • Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce

Female business owner

National Association of Female Executives (NAFE): NAFE is one of the largest associations of female professionals and business owners in the country, providing education, networking and public outreach.

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO): There are 60 NAWBO chapters in the United States with more than 5,000 members. The chapter focuses on providing resources and networking opportunities and making a strong voice in the government.

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Women’s Business Ownership Office (WBO): As part of the Small Business Administration (SBA), WBO’s mission is to empower women entrepreneurs through advocacy, outreach, education, and support (such as technical assistance and consulting).

LGBT entrepreneurship A non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating great business leaders by cultivating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) entrepreneurs. StartOut organizes events to educate and support LGBT entrepreneurs, currently in Austin , Boston, New York, Chicago has chapters, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Seattle and Denver are under development. A directory of gay-friendly franchisees, providing opportunities for diversified markets.

San Francisco LGBT Community Center: The SF LGBT Community Center is a local resource that provides various free seminars and consulting programs for LGBT business owners in San Francisco.


SCORE: SCORE’s veterans, guards and reservists website provides services for veterans, service personnel and their families to help start and develop small businesses. The program, sponsored by the Wal-Mart Foundation, is called the “Quick Start Program for Veterans” and provides one-on-one guidance and free or discounted resources, such as computer software and business services.

VetFran: Operated by the International Franchise Association, this website lists franchise systems that offer start-up discounts to U.S. veterans. Click on the franchise banner and you will be directed to the company’s profile, where you can fill out a form for more information.

NaVOBA: As an advocate for small businesses owned by veterans, the National Veterans-owned Business Association provides resources, events, and state lists to provide opportunities for veterans-owned businesses. Veteranscorp provides education and training, business contacts with the government, and more contacts with veterinarians.

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