Saigon implements Covid-19 spot-tests at local restaurants

, Saigon implements Covid-19 spot-tests at local restaurants

People in HCM City were surprised as the city authorities implemented Covid-19 spot-tests at local restaurants on February 22.

Binh Thanh District People’s Committee co-operated with Binh Thanh Hospital and Binh Thanh Medical Station to take samples of the customers and employees at many restaurants. They will take random tests in 10 wards from February 22 to March 31.

On February 22, a total of 32 samples had been taken at three restaurants along Phan Van Tri and Pham Van Dong streets. Despite the spot tests, many people welcomed the move. The samples were sent to HCM City CDC for testing.

Some restaurant owners have been reprimanded or fined for violating Covid-19 preventive regulations after Tet such as not providing hand wash and receiving more than 30 customers at the same time.

Binh Tan District People’s Committee announced that they have fined five restaurants and 24 people who hadn’t worn face masks. They have also worked with other agencies to start taking samples for Covid-19 tests at restaurants to detect new cases quickly.

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This article was originally published on Dtinews

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