Sa Pa is going to celebrate 120 years of tourism


The Sa Pa tourism program spanning 120 years is a momentous occasion that encompasses tourism, culture, and social events, all in honor of the 65th anniversary of Uncle Ho’s visit to Lao Cai. This program serves to solidify Sa Pa’s standing as a national tourist area and a prime destination in Vietnam, thanks to its extensive 120-year history of development.

To showcase the cultural values, tourism resources, and one-of-a-kind products unique to Sa Pa, the Tourism Culture Week is set to kick off on September 20th. Alongside this, a range of highly anticipated events will also take place during the week, such as the Sa Pa discovery experience program, the Sa Pa-VMM 2023 International Mountain Marathon, the Full Moon Festival, the Sports Dance Festival, and numerous cultural and artistic exchange events.

Sa Pa Tourism is commemorating its 120th anniversary by hosting a special art program on September 23. The objective is to showcase Sa Pa’s exceptional tourism potential and unique products, while also highlighting the 120-year journey of tourism in the region. The ultimate goal is to establish Sa Pa as an internationally recognized National Tourist Area, in line with National Tourism Year 2023.

Since the start of 2023, Sa Pa has experienced a significant increase in tourism and vehicle traffic. To ensure a delightful and safe experience for both locals and tourists, the area has implemented measures to ensure security, traffic safety, fire prevention, healthcare, environmental sanitation, and preservation of the tourist landscape.

The anniversary celebrations began with a bang in March 2023 and were well-received by tourists. The events included the Flower Festival, Heaven’s Gate Spring Festival, Fansipan Flower Festival, Rose Festival “Sa Pa – Land of Love,” International Yoga Day in Sa Pa, and the Miss Northwest Tourism Contest. These events have contributed to Sa Pa’s recognition as a top destination for short vacations and highlight the potential for further development in the tourism industry.

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