Risks people may face when using chip-based Citizen ID and Identity Card at the same time.

Hanoi police advise people not to use ID cards and citizen identification cards with chips at the same time.

Making a Citizen ID with a new chip will be confiscated Old ID card

According to Article 11 of Circular 59/2021/TT-BCA, police officers will collect the people’s identity cards and ordinary citizens’ identity cards when the citizen completes the procedures to change from the people’s public identity card to the public identity card. civilians to the Citizen ID card with a chip.

However, according to the Hanoi City Police, after making a Citizen identity card with a new chip, many people still keep their old ID card and Citizen identity card because they declared it lost, did not hand it over or the procedure officer did not collect it. This causes some people who have made Citizen identity cards to reattach the chip to have two types of timesheets simultaneously, including the newly made Citizen identity card and the old ID or Citizen identity card.

Already have a CCCD with a chip but still use the ID card at the same time, what risks can people face?Already have a CCCD with a chip but still use the ID card at the same time, what risks can people face?

Can I use my ID card when I already have a citizen ID with a chip?

For cases that are only used for comparison and identification and do not need to record the ID number, the use of the old ID card has almost no effect. In addition, the use of documents with personal information such as the old ID card number in transactions and administrative procedures together with the new Citizen identity card is wholly accepted. Because, on the Citizen identity card with the new chip, all information about the old ID card is now integrated.

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However, if you use an expired ID card to participate in contracts, and transactions, or perform administrative procedures, users are likely to face legal risks in the future. For example, a signed contract, using an expired ID card, will be invalidated.

Therefore, people should only use the new Citizen identity card in all transactions and procedures to ensure information consistency and avoid future risks and disputes.

Hanoi City Police recommends that even if you hold both a chip-mounted Citizen identity card and an ID card, people should absolutely not use them at the same time.

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