Relocating to Vietnam


One of the primary steps during your immigration into Vietnam will be determining whether you are taking your belongings with you. Finding furnished accommodation is not difficult and might be preferable if you do not plan on staying indefinitely. Otherwise, you should consider hiring international moving professionals.

Good to know:

Professional international movers are well-versed with international regulations and will enter all the necessary customs formalities on your behalf.


It is critical to inquire about authorized and prohibited items entering Vietnam. This will be a good starting point in choosing which belongings to pack up. The Vietnam Airlines website is a good place to find out details. It is advised where possible to take only essentials. Remember that you can purchase much of what you’ll need in Vietnam.

Once you have decided which items to take with you to Vietnam, you will hand over a detailed list of your belongings to the mover. This list will be used to assess the volume of goods to carry and to make a declaration of value.

The declaration of value is a document that you have to fill out yourself. You must specify the overall value of your property to be transported. This will allow you to arrange insurance in the case of loss or damage.


Be sure to specify which objects require special attention such as special packaging for fragile goods, or deconstructing larger furniture to be reassembled on arrival.


The volume of goods to be transported will determine the best mode of transport for your belongings. Sending items via air is most appropriate for a smaller number of belongings. This method is fairly rapid and typically has a maximum delivery time of 10 days. This method, however, is also more costly. If you have a higher number of goods, as well as larger furniture items, you will more likely send your items to the country via ships. This method can take up to six weeks but is the more cost-effective of the two.

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Your chosen carrier may offer you damage insurance covering unpredictable damage to, or loss of, your property. This will be the declared value of your total assets. You will receive an insurance certificate once you have read, understood and signed the contract.


It is recommended that you check what you can and cannot bring into the country because insurance will not cover items that are prohibited.

Final stage

Finally, you must sign the consignment form specifying the terms of the move: transport mode, the volume transported, your name, the loading and delivery address of your belongings, etc. A copy of this letter will be delivered during loading. You must be in possession of this to accept the delivery in Vietnam.

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