Rare wild monkey attacks leave 2 people injured

, Rare wild monkey attacks leave 2 people injured

A rare wild monkey has attacked two local people in a residential area in the central province of Quang Tri’s Hai Lang District, the Dan Tri Newspaper reported.

Hai Thuong Commune People’s Committee has reported that the eight-kilogramme monkey hit 65-year-old resident Ho Xuan Thanh, injuring his arm. Thanh is now staying at Trieu Hai General Hospital for treatment.

The animal then lightly scratched a local boy’s face.

The monkey also ran into Hai Thuong Commune War Cemetery and ate fruits and sweets. It also damaged crops and threatened children in Hai Thuong.

People have been advised to keep away from the monkey and not hunt or kill it.

A 10-kilo male monkey previously ruined fruit trees in Thanh An Commune, Cam Lo District. After being caught, it was released into the wild, according to local media.

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