Ranking Vietnam’s Human Development Index in Southeast Asia

, Ranking Vietnam’s Human Development Index in Southeast Asia

Recently, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has released the Human Development Report 2021-2022. Accordingly, Vietnam’s human development index will reach 0.703 in 2021.

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite measure reflecting human development. HDI takes value from 0 to 1. HDI closer to 1 means higher human development level, conversely closer to 0 means lower human development level.

According to the UNDP Human Development Report 2021-2022, the human development index has declined globally for two consecutive years for the first time in its 32-year history. The main reason is due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Human Development Index has fallen back to 2016 levels, reversing much of the progress towards the sustainable development goals.

On a global scale, the top 10 countries with the highest HDI value in 2021 are: Switzerland (HDI 0.962), Norway (HDI 0.961), Iceland (HDI 0.959), Australia (HDI 0.951), Denmark (HDI 0.948), Sweden (HDI 0.947), Ireland (HDI 0.945), Germany (HDI 0.942), the Netherlands (HDI 0.941), and Finland (HDI 0.94).

In terms of Southeast Asia, Singapore has an HDI value of 0.939 in 2021, ranking first in Southeast Asia and 12th in the world. Following Singapore is Brunei with an HDI value of 0.829 in 2021, ranking second in Southeast Asia and 51st in the world.

Where does Vietnam's human development index rank in Southeast Asia?Where does Vietnam's human development index rank in Southeast Asia?

Along with that, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia are among the top 5 countries in Southeast Asia with the highest HDI values ​​in the region in 2021.

Specifically, Malaysia has an HDI value of 0.803; ranked 3rd in Southeast Asia and 62nd in the world. Thailand has HDI value of 0.8; ranked 4th in Southeast Asia and 66th in the world. Indonesia has HDI value of 0.705; ranked 5th in Southeast Asia and 114th in the world.

Vietnam’s HDI value is 0.703 in 2021, basically unchanged from 2019 (0.704). Vietnam’s HDI value in 2021 ranks 6th in Southeast Asia. Besides, Vietnam’s HDI has increased two places in the global ranking from 117/189 countries in 2019 to 115/191 countries in 2021. This shows the progress and stability of the Index. people in Vietnam.

The remaining countries Philippines, Laos, East Timor, Cambodia and Myanmar have HDI values ​​of 0.699 respectively; 0.607; 0.607; 0.593 and 0.585.

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