Quang Ninh struggles to pilot the night economy

, Quang Ninh struggles to pilot the night economy


Launched from the beginning of 2021, the Nighttime Economy Project (NEP) of Quang Ninh province focuses on the two cities of Ha Long and Uong Bi, but the selected locations have not yet shown effective results.

Quảng Ninh loay hoay thí điểm kinh tế đêm - Ảnh 1.

Quảng Ninh loay hoay thí điểm kinh tế đêm - Ảnh 1.

In 2021, Ha Long and Uong Bi were chosen as the first places for the development of the nighttime economy in the province. Specifically, the tourist area of Tuan Chau in Ha Long and the Legacy Yen Tu Resort in Uong Bi were designated for this purpose.

The NEP in Quang Ninh is built upon four main areas, namely: Culture, entertainment, and arts (cultural activities, theaters, music, entertainment programs, festivals, events, etc.); Food and beverage services (restaurants, food areas, bars, etc.); Shopping services (markets, shopping areas, etc.); Tourism services (visiting tourist attractions, cultural heritage sites, architectural landmarks, etc.). The designated timeframe for the nighttime economy runs from 6 pm to 6 am the following day for the pilot areas, with the aim of eventually transitioning towards a 24-hour economy for cities and urban areas with potential.

According to assessments, the chosen location of Legacy Yen Tu Resort is not suitable due to limited tourist traffic and high seasonality. Yen Tu meets the criterion of having a unique space, but other criteria require further testing and evaluation. In particular, many experts believe that selecting the special national historical site of Yen Tu is not appropriate for the pilot location.

For the Tuan Chau tourist area, Quang Ninh plans to develop five tourism models, combining visits to Ha Long Bay, entertainment, shopping, dining, and healthcare. Currently, the Tuan Chau Group has hired the consulting firm Kume Design Asia (Japan) to develop the project.

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Until now, all nighttime activities have been concentrated in the Bai Chay tourist area because it has many restaurants and hotels, attracting a large number of visitors. Entertainment venues such as Ferris wheels, parks, bars, and nightclubs are also concentrated in Bai Chay, but nighttime activities usually end before 11 pm.


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