Proposal for HCMC leaders to meet with real estate buyers

, Proposal for HCMC leaders to meet with real estate buyers


The Vietnam Tourism Real Estate Association (VnTPA) has sent a document to Mr. Phan Van Mai, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, proposing to organize a meeting between the city’s leadership and real estate investors, who are property buyers.

According to VnTPA, through observations, it has been noticed that over the years, both the Central and local governments have organized numerous conferences to rescue the real estate industry. However, the participants in these conferences have predominantly been sellers, banks, and project investors, rather than the ultimate buyers of real estate.

During these meetings, the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association has also only invited sellers and provided support to them. Meanwhile, the market is still blocked mainly due to a lack of buying power, as final investors have lost confidence and faced too many risks with unsuitable products.

Kiến nghị lãnh đạo TP.HCM gặp gỡ người mua bất động sản - Ảnh 1.

Proposing the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee to meet with real estate buyers

Mr. Thanh Thanh Vu, Chairman of VnTPA, believes that Ho Chi Minh City should organize a conference exclusively involving final investors and the city’s leadership to clearly hear their feedback. This approach aims to find comprehensive solutions to regain investor confidence and restore market purchasing power.

Mr. Thanh Thanh Vu also affirmed that VnTPA, with its extensive network involving both sellers and buyers, will support the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City in organizing this crucial conference. To avoid the situation where sellers send their employees to attend the conference to speak favorably for them, VnTPA will manage registrations and carefully select attendees who are genuine final investors. “We will support the organizational work, invite investor representatives to run the conference. If this conference is held at the end of the year, it will warm the hearts of investors. They will feel cared for, enjoy a happy Tet (Lunar New Year), and develop trust in the city’s government,” stated Mr. Vu.

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It is known that VnTPA was established in 2009 and currently has over 20,000 members, including leaders of businesses operating in and outside the country, as well as investors in the real estate, tourism, and related sectors. VnTPA claims to have contributed to attracting billions of dollars in foreign investment into Vietnam in the fields of tourism real estate and related industries.

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