PHX Smart School, M&H Investment join hands to bring school bus into the digital era

, PHX Smart School, M&H Investment join hands to bring school bus into the digital era

PHX Smart School Joint Stock Company (member of Phenikaa Group) has announced the partnership agreement with M&H Investment Limited Liability Company to digitalize the latter’s school bus business, thus enhancing the use of smart technologies and solutions in the development of smart schools and educational and training centers.

Smart school bus

In order to adapt and exploit the opportunities brought by Industry 4.0, the education and training sector has stressed the need of using technological-scientific products and solutions in management, teaching and learning. The move becomes critical for schools and educational and training institutions amid the unpredictability and development of the Covid-19 pandemic to assure safety for students and improve the communication between the school and parents. Therefore, PHX Smart School JSC (PHX Smart School Company) has partnered with M&H Investment Limited Liability Company (M&H Company) to provide digitalizing solution for the latter’s bus business, which is aimed to equip concerned parties (the school, parents and bus business) a real-time, easy-to-use tool to keep an eye on students when traveling between home and school. This solution is a part of the overall package of multiple smart school solutions that is developed by PHX Smart School Company.

M&H Company is known for a variety of business activities with focus on the school bus section (SBS). The firm offers a wide range of school bus solutions that target appropriate traveling routes for students and provide the best safety assurance for both students and parents. In accordance with the partnership agreement, PHX Smart School Company will install modern, advanced features onto M&H Company’s buses, including the real-time vehicle tracking system; notifications to parents when students end their trip at either pick-up points or school; and communication between parents, teachers, school board and bus drivers in order to keep students.

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According to the spokesperson of PHX Smart School Company, the smart school bus solution is developed on a number of vehicle tracking technologies using Internet of Thing (IoT) devices (bGPS), communication tools (bCheckIn) and artificial intelligence (AI). The combination of these technologies and the installation of real-time IoT devices allow the bus business, the school and parents keep track of the bus by constantly getting information updates thanks to the routing and positioning technologies and receiving notifications when the bus is near its pick-up and drop-off points. In addition, the smart calculation of arrival time based on the information and data of the traffic system will facilitate the driver to select the best traveling route.

Smart school administration solution PHX Smart School

The smart school bus solution is a part of the comprehensive smart school administration package PHX Smart School that is developed and commercialized by the engineers and technicians of the Phenikaa Group. The PHX Smart School solution package is combined with the core mapping technology, AI, IoT devices as well as programs for administrative, teaching and learning activities… with target on four major subjects: students, parents, teachers and managers. PHX Smart School package in 2021 was honored at the Sao Khue Awards for the contributions to the digitalization of schools through comprehensive and superior technologies. The package has been well-received by the public and many educational institutions, both local and international, have shown their interest in and signed for the package.

Other advanced features in the PHX Smart School package include student pick-up/drop-off management (bCheckIn), student ID check (FaceID) and a Vietnamese learning management system (LMS) to make teaching and learning easier and suit the school’s specific requirements. In addition, teachers can organize online classes via Google Meet tool, co-operate with parents to monitor students’ performances and activities, send notifications to parents about school activities via mobile devices… Moreover, all users can get access to the same platform to keep a consistent flow of information and data, develop charts to view all data and information, and monitor the school’s overall system.

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With the support from the Phenikaa Ecosystem, PHX Smart School Company will continue applying advanced digitalizing solutions for the smart school package to enable additional features for parents, teachers, school board and managers such as online learning materials, facility administration, library operation, recruitment, customer services and internal payment, etc.

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At the moment, PHX Smart School Company has completed testing the school bus solution for customers in the Middle East region and the company is finalizing the last stages to offer full-service product to regional schools. In Vietnam, PHX Smart School package has been used by some well-known institutions such as Ban Mai School, UTSchool, Albert Einstein School and Phenikaa University…

Amid current adversities, the development of PHX Smart School package and digitalization of school bus are necessary to make parents less worried about students’ safety and assist schools to improve their administrative performance. The product also shows the desire of PHX Smart School Company in growing technological-digital solutions to bring added values to the community and society and make better standards of living.

PHX Smart School Solutions Joint Stock Company (PHX Smart School) was established in November 2020 focusing on educational digitalization. The company takes over technological advancements and solutions developed by Institutes, Research Centers and enterprises of the Phenikaa Ecosystem.

The company’s competitive advantage – the ability to develop and explore an integrative, optimal, customized technological platform – is driving PHX Smart School to become the leading smart school solutions developer in both domestic and international markets.

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The company has developed a smart administration platform that centers 04 objects: student, parent, teacher and manager. The platform connects the four objects, and the information is collected from different sources and transmitted among the four objects to make a smart, integrative administration system for student supervision when traveling back and forth between home and school, danger warning, tuition payment, recruitment and admission, education and training, facility management and other activities. Despite being new to the market, PHX Smart School has signed a number of contracts and agreements to deploy its smart solution for local schools.

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