Phoenix Cave & Mo Ga Stream

, Phoenix Cave & Mo Ga Stream

Listed as a National Heritage in 1994, Phuong Hoang cave and Mo Ga stream can be considered as the most important stops of Thai Nguyen with surprisingly beautiful landscapes and sad love stories behind them. Phuong Hoang Cave is located on the top of Phuong Hoang mountain, near the border of Thai Nguyen and Lang Son provinces. From the city, visitors can book a taxi or motorbike taxi to get to the place and climb the stone steps to reach the cave.

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Legend has it that a pair of phoenixes once dwelt on the mountain. The male forage for food while the female takes care of the eggs. However, the male soon fell in love with another female and flew away together. One day he begins to regret his betrayal but when he finds his way back to the mountains, his miserable mate has turned to stone. He waited in vain for her on the opposite mountain to turn back and turn to stone over time. From a distance, the mountain looks like two phoenix birds are giving birth. Hence it is called Phoenix Mountain.

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Inside Phuong cave, there are three floors: the upper floor is the Bat cave, the center is the Sang cave (light) and the lowest is the Dark cave. The striking landscape and mysterious scent of wildflowers captivated visitors during the 30-minute climb up to the cave entrance. At the foot of Phuong Hoang mountain, there is Mo Ga stream with several small waterfalls and bathing spots.

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This complex is ideal if you fancy an easy short hike and a one-of-a-kind spring bathing experience. Fully charge the battery, bring delicious food and you are ready for a romantic picnic with your loved ones.

Useful information

  • Location: Phuong Hoang Hang, Thai Nguyen

  • Best for: Adventure Travelers

  • Entrance: N / A

  • Hours: Recommended to visit during the day

  • Distance to city center: 2.6km (1.6 mi)

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