Phenikaa MaaS introduces Smart Mobility solution to support transport enterprises

, Phenikaa MaaS introduces Smart Mobility solution to support transport enterprises

To support transport enterprises in their digital transformation, Phenikaa MaaS Technology JSC (Phenikaa MaaS) – member of Phenikaa Group – is proud to introduces the Smart Mobility solution package. This package can help transport enterprises improve their fleet management ability in an automotive, time-saving and labour-saving way. Therefore, they can enhance their efficiency and competitive advantages, and promote digital transformation in their organizations.

Smart Mobility – Smart solution for monitoring and journey recommendation with AI and BigData integration

According to the report about Global Smart Mobility Market and Technology Market to 2029 of Market Info Group, the Global Smart Mobility Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 29.33% during the forecast period, the market is expected to grow from US$421.32 billion in 2020 to US$3,296.71 billion in 2029. These figures show the potential development of the smart mobility market. In fact, the intelligent transportation system has been tested and put into use in developed countries such as the US, Japan and China – where the vehicles are installed with positioning systems (GPS) and are always monitored by business managers and government agencies. In Vietnam, GPS and other traffic applications are mainly deployed in locating, finding the shortest journey, guiding the journey, and reporting prohibited and one-way roads. Meanwhile, the use of special solutions designed for vehicle positioning and management is not common in the transport industry due to unfamiliarity with modern technologies, concerns about high investment costs, and lack of production customization to fit specific demands of each enterprise.

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To support transportation businesses, Phenikaa MaaS Technology Joint Stock Company introduces Smart Mobility in combination with AI and BigData technologies. This is a package of comprehensively-integrated solutions to support the construction of smart transportation systems in urban areas and offer solutions to help businesses, management units and transport businesses upgrade their transport management capacity for vehicles moving in an automatic, time-saving and labour-saving method, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate the digital transformation process in the business.

Smart Mobility is built on core technologies of mapping and positioning, navigation algorithms, and smart IoT devices, which have been mastered by Phenikaa MaaS. These technologies have also made the success of Phenikaa MaaS’s BusMap product and helped this surpass many big names in the world to become the champion of the category “Smart city under ITU Digital World Awards” organized by the International Telecommunication Union. This is a prestigious award honoring outstanding solutions and dedication, with the aim of building a better world through innovations and modern technologies.

Based on core mapping technology researched and put into application by Phenikaa people, transport operators and vehicle managers can control personnel and assets via a real-time location system (bGPS); navigation, suggesting the shortest and most convenient route for the vehicle (bSmartNavigation); the system uses artificial intelligence (AI) and big data (Big Data) to estimate the time of arrival for vehicles (bSmartETA). Smart Mobility solution package also includes an integrated application for phones (mobile app) and website (website app), convenient for users to approach information, connect to the management unit, businesses and track the moving route of the vehicle quickly and accurately.

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Mastering the core mapping technology helps Phenikaa MaaS actively optimize technology solutions specifically designed/customized to each customer’s specific requirements and operations of each customer, as well as helping customers save costs when using them because they do not have to pay for license fees by the number of users. For example, by using BusMap, which have reached more than 2 million downloads, businesses have saved from VND1 billion to VND1.5 billion per month by using the mapping technology from Phenikaa MaaS, instead of having to buy a map license from the third party (eg Google Map). The algorithms of Phenikaa MaaS are able to calculate and distribute reasonable routes for a large number of vehicles and rely on a route-finding algorithm to optimize routes for users. For businesses operating in the logistics sector, this is a solution package with reasonable cost, helping to optimize management-administration capabilities with the least number of employees and without losing time, effort and cost to build a vehicle management system.

Smart Mobility is chosen by many large organizations and enterprises

Smart Mobility solution package not only speeds up the digital transformation process but also supports governmental agencies to develop specialized IT products and build up a smart, initiative, proactive and friendly authority. Smart Mobility package has been chosen by many organizations and enterprises such as the authorities of Da Nang, VinBus Joint-stock Company – a member of VinGroup, and is drawing the attention from other transportation businesses in Vietnam.

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In Da Nang, Phenikaa MaaS has helped the authority develop tracking system to manage public transportation that includes ambulances, fire trucks, garbage trucks, and city facilities such as public garbage bins, fire hydrant network, etc. This system supports Da Nang operating units with usual information checks about the fleet system of medical and fire brigade (according to license plates, activity status, location, real-time speed, etc.), and updates similar information to the people to manage the activities of State agents and officials as well as to receive information from residents about public property networks (for instance, fire hydrants, garbage bins, etc.) and locations of incidents in the city, then gives out proper decisions at the right time. Moreover, based on the core mapping technology, since August 2020, Phenikaa MaaS has assisted Da Nang and more than 10 other cities and provinces in building CovidMaps to cooperate with the authority and residents in an effort of blocking the infectious wave of the pandemic.

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In the effort of building a smart mobility system in Vietnam, Phenikaa MaaS has signed an agreement with VinBus – a VinGroup brand – in order to build a management system for urban electric buses. Phenikaa MaaS has helped develop a webcore network to manage and display the data of bus systems. With this system, VinBus can manage routes and stops, get real-time information of bus data, location and speed. On the other hand, passengers can easily search for bus information, location and estimated time of arrival at bus stops and bus stations, so that they can be more active on their journeys via mobile and web applications.


VinFast smart electric bus

Vietnam has been accelerating the national digital transformation process with the dual goal of developing a digital Government, economy and society, and forming Vietnamese digital technology enterprises that are able to go global. In particular, it is necessary to have a strong transportation foundation that can withstand big challenges if we want to promote economic development. Therefore, we need to encourage transport operations to quickly apply their products and scientific technology so as to take the best advantage of their resources, and at the same time, minimize the cost and human resources for management, as well as optimize operational efficiency and improve the quality of the business.

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