Phenikaa Maas adds new feature In its Busmap App as an effort in response to the pandemic

, Phenikaa Maas adds new feature In its Busmap App as an effort in response to the pandemic

Phenikaa MaaS Technology JSC (Phenikaa MaaS), member of Phenikaa Group, has recently joined the local authorities and enterprises of HCM City to deploy food delivery buses in an attempt to secure the supply for the people.

The Company has also expanded the use of the Covid tracking map (CovidMap) to many provinces and cities, which have been battling with the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide social stability and fight off the outbreaks. These actions are the testaments for the Company’s will and humanity in order to serve the community and society as well as become a conscious enterprise.

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Food delivery buses in HCM City

Weeks after the pandemic broke out in the South, the authorities of HCM City have taken extreme measures keep its people secure and ensure all actions to counter the outbreak come with the best results. The measures, including social distancing, travel restriction, mobile points of sale… have helped the city put the outbreak under control and maintain a sufficient supply of foods for all residents. Among these measures is the daily deployment of 10 delivery food buses, which enable convenient food purchases for people and reduce the workload and pressure on local stores and supermarkets. The foods are carried on public buses to the points of sale, which change everyday to meet the demand of foods in each specific neighborhood.

In order to keep people constantly informed of the schedule and route of each delivery bus, Phenikaa MaaS has imported the data of the buses in BusMap, a smart transport app integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data tech. BusMap app displays the routes of the 10 buses so that local residents can get access to the nearest point of sale, avoid crowding and follow the 5K rule and other regulations on disease prevention.

The information of food delivery buses is displayed on BusMap app to keep people informed of the possible purchases

The deployment of food delivery buses is expected to help the authorities of HCM City perform administrative tasks better, catch up with the expectations of the people and improve the efficiency in pandemic battling.

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To follow the information of food delivery buses, the people of HCM City may get access to BusMap website at or download the application from PlayStore and AppStore. BusMap has reportedly reached more than two million downloads on PlayStore, ranking among 1% of the apps with more than one million downloads. The app now has some 400,000 regular users each month.

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In Da Nang, Phenikaa MaaS has provided the information of 100 points of sale on its website at BusMap app to make shopping more easier for local residents.

Broad use of CovidMap

In July, Phenikaa MaaS has offered free-of-charge CovidMap for the provinces and cities that are struggling with the coronavirus spread such as Lam Dong, An Giang, Dong Nai and Ha Tinh, lifting the total number of localities using CovidMap to 15. The tracking map aims to help local authorities and people update the news and information of the outbreaks and better execute the tasks to put the situation under control.

Via a smart device with internet connection, the CovidMap shows the information of COVID-19 infection cases and provides an overall view and updates of the outbreak, including the places where infected people have traveled through, the quarantine areas and check-up sites. These details will help people avoid going to the same place with the virus infected persons. Moreover, the map only reveals basic information of the infected person such as the year of birth, gender, physical condition and personal information of the infected person is secured and treatment location. The map is an instrument that assists the local government with data monitoring and update and restrict the spread of false news on the media.

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The CovidMap is considered a smart and meaningful technological solution for the southern provinces and cities in the fight against the disease amid difficult times. According to Phenikaa MaaS’ CEO Le Yen Thanh, the Company is willing to give free map to provinces and cities to boost their efforts in disease prevention.

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Phenikaa MaaS, with the ownership of the core mapping technology and ability of customization, has worked with other units of Phenikaa Group to develop smart products that better serve the standards of living for people such as bus tracking map, Covid tracking map, solution packages like Smart Mobility and Smart School… in promoting comprehensive digital transformation for businesses and educational institutions. Through its technological products, Phenikaa MaaS hopes to contribute to the sustainability of the community and become the leading provider of smart products for the construction of smart transportation and smart city, thus, pushing the nation forward to the full digital transformation, enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises, and promoting a better, smarter life in line with sustainable and eco-friendly actions.

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