Phenikaa Group honors Vietnamese talents and scientific-technical achievements

, Phenikaa Group honors Vietnamese talents and scientific-technical achievements

At the Ta Quang Buu Awards 2022 ceremony held at the Ministry of Science and Technology on May 18, Phenikaa Group gave awards worth VND400 million to two scientists for their work on Mathematics and Chemistry: “Depth functions of symbolic powers of homogeneous ideals” and “Tailoring the Hard−Soft Interface with Dynamic Diels−Alder Linkages in Polyurethanes: Toward Superior Mechanical Properties and Healability at Mild Temperature”.

As the official sponsor of the awards for a fourth year, Phenikaa Group aims to reward breakthrough scientific research and technological innovations.

In respect of Vietnamese intellects

After having reviewed 48 nominations, the Council of the Ta Quang Buu Awards 2022 has selected the best two scientists with outstanding researches in Mathematics and Chemistry to win the awards. Their outputs have gained impressive ratings and recognitions from reputable international science magazines.

This year’s event marks the 9th time scientists in science and technology are cherished by the Ta Quang Buu Awards. The two scientists win the awards are Prof. Dr. Ngo Viet Trung at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology’s Institute of Mathematics and Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Le Thu at Ho Chi Minh City National University’s Science and Technology University.

The spokesperson of Phenikaa Group said that: “It is a pleasure and responsibility of Phenikaa Group to side with the Ta Quang Buu Awards, and assist and motivate Vietnamese scientists to get more creative and innovative. In our mind, the development of both applied and basic sciences is the key to foster the country’s sustainable and independent development”.

, Phenikaa Group honors Vietnamese talents and scientific-technical achievements, Phenikaa Group honors Vietnamese talents and scientific-technical achievements

Mr. Pham Cong Tac, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, gives the certificate to Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Vice General Director of Phenikaa Group, to acknowledge the Group’s contributions to the development of science and technology in Vietnam.

Phenikaa and R&D achievements

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On the way to become a leader in eco-friendly materials, smart products and smart solutions, Phenikaa Group has made significant investments in developing the Phenikaa Ecosystem and its three foundations: Enterprises – Sciences – Education & Training. The Company expects the ecosystem will inaugurate high-quality science researches to benefit Group’s members and bring them market competitive advantages.

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With a well-equipped, internationally-standardized environment, the Company has gathered a large number of scientists that hunger for success. The scientists are encouraged to get creative and build new ideas through practices, thus producing astounding achievements for the Group and raising the reputation of Vietnamese intellect in the world.

In recent years, Phenikaa Group’s scientists have constantly introduced their trademarked technological products and solutions, which are highly evaluated by the professionals and brought into practices. The Phenikaa-made products include smart lighting technology Phenikaa Natural CirCardian (introduced in April 2022) applied in smart, price-competitive human-centered LED lighting devices; autonomous technology applied in cars, carrying robots, disinfection robots…; core mapping technology applied in the pandemic-tracking map CovidMap, smart bus management app BusMap, smart school operator PHX Smart School, smart city development…

“In coming years, with the view of becoming a leading technological-industrial enterprise in smart production and smart solution, Phenikaa Group will concentrate on encouraging science and technology R&D activities and promote innovative ideas to fulfill our commitments with concerned parties and prove the values of a responsible and humane business”, the spokesperson said.

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