Phenikaa and notable achievements in technological area

, Phenikaa and notable achievements in technological area

Phenikaa Group in 2019 officially introduced the ecosystem comprising three major sectors: enterprises – scientific research – education and training.

During the last two years, Phenikaa’s business members, talents, and startups have developed many technological products and solutions with a broad impact on the country’s socio-economic development.

Scientists and specialists have spoken highly of Phenikaa’s ability to meet the practical needs of socio-economic development. Such acknowledgment has proved the Company’s strength to carry out scientific studies and facilitate the company to increase the Company’s status in Vietnam’s technological sector.

Acquisition of self-driving tech

As technology is the key to development, Phenikaa has strived to acquire self-driving/autonomous technology to offer added value to the economy, businesses, and society.

At March-end, the Company introduced Vietnam’s first level-4 autonomous vehicle developed by Phenikaa scientists and engineers, marking strong advancement of the company in acquiring self-driving tech. Phenikaa autonomous vehicle is designed with the level-4 automated driving system upon the 05 levels of driving automation standards regulated by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE), using modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital 2D/3D maps, Lidar sensor, deep learning, machine learning… with nearly 40 smart, user-friendly features.

Other self-driving products made by Phenikaa people include transporting robot, disinfection robot, reception robot…
Phenikaa expects its outcomes will boost Vietnam’s autonomous industry in the future and encourage the use of locally-made products and solutions. In addition, the Group hopes to motivate domestic companies to develop top-quality products in line with international standards to bring better values to the living standards of Vietnamese people.

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Digitalization of the education sector

Education is considered an essential factor for the development of young generations. Therefore, Phenikaa in 2020 released PHX Smart School, a product comprising a wide range of solutions for the development of smart educational facilities, to boost the use of digital solutions among educational facilities.

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The product is developed on AI, digital mapping technology, and IoT devices, featuring various components such as face recognition and route monitoring. The solutions are deployed on a real-time frame platform and put students, parents, teachers, and managers at the center of attention.

For its good values brought to society, PHX Smart School at the Sao Khue Awards 2021 was honored as the best ICT solution for the education and training sector. The award represents the appreciation of the professionals on Phenikaa’s innovation and creativity to develop tech products, which have good impacts on society, community, and economy.
The product has drawn a lot of interest from potential users in Vietnam and the Middle East.

Investment in the startup of core mapping technology
, Phenikaa and notable achievements in technological area, Phenikaa and notable achievements in technological area

BusMap app: Features of BusMap app displayed on a smartphone.

Phenikaa Group in 2020 announced the investment in BusMap JSC, the startup that owns core mapping technology, making the latter a member of the Phenikaa Group Ecosystem with the new brand: Phenikaa MaaS Technology JSC.

Benefiting from a profound Phenikaa ecosystem, Phenikaa MaaS offers a wide range of digital solutions and products to hasten the digitalization and development of smart cities and transportation in Vietnam.

Based on the core mapping technology, Phenikaa MaaS has developed several tech solutions in public transportation (BusMap), overall transport (Smart Mobility), bus management (BMS), company operation (Smart Company), and Covid-19 epidemiological map (CovidMaps).

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The investment into Phenikaa MaaS shows Phenikaa Group is determined to power young Vietnamese, thus, encouraging them to realize their ideas and initiatives into high-value solutions for nationwide sustainability.

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Technologies to encounter Covid-19 pandemic

Amid the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Phenikaa Group and its members have sided with the Government and communities and donated a total of nearly VND50 billion for the vaccine foundation, medical staff, government agents, and local authorities to fight the disease.

In June, Phenikaa sent its self-driving disinfection robot to the Bac Giang Field Hospital to support on-site forces in the fight against the pandemic. With UVC light and chemicals, the robot can disinfect the objects in a specific environment and it can move and avoid potential collisions. Otherwise, the product can perform several tasks such as carrying foods and medicines as well as monitoring infected people and quarantined areas… The robot has also been used at schools and medical centers in Hanoi.

Meanwhile, Phenikaa MaaS has launched its CovidMap for nearly 20 cities and provinces across the country, and the business has been well-received with its assistance for the governments to fight the pandemic and stabilize the community.
Phenikaa MaaS has developed some solutions such as a digital real-time map to monitor the flow of goods and merchandise, develop the nationwide vaccination map, and enable people of HCM City to find food selling points on the free BusMap app to keep the society safe and stable.

Phenikaa Group is looking forward to new technological products with a strong impact on the country’s socio-economic development to bring higher values to the living standards of Vietnamese people.

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